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  • kedubob kedubob Apr 13, 2006 12:52 PM Flag

    too much buying here today

    Sometimes I get confused as to what this board is all about especially when people start to shout each other down claiming that one or the other is posting crap. Before long it degenerates into profanity and nothing to do with ASEI, that is bad.

    Personally I think we are all entitled to our opinions and noone can say they know for sure what is going to happen with the stock, unless except a few moments after a huge order. Even if they have all the technical tools at their disposal and a direct line to Warren Buffet, they still are speculating just like everybody else.
    As such any time I see profanity in a posting I immedeately knkow thatit lacks substance and I move on. I do not waste more bandwidth by shouting down the post.

    Sure from time to time there are arrogant posts and pure trash, but again that is what it is all about on these boards.

    Even gold panners know they gotta go through tonnes of rubble to get an ounce of gold, the same here.

    Once in a while valid information is exchanged and we all react to it.

    All I am saying is let everybody post in peace and email each other directly wen you want to talk profanity.

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