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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Jan 30, 2007 6:44 PM Flag

    ASEI books FIRST forwardscatter/backscatter order!

    The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intends to contract with AMERICAN SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (AS&E), Billerica, MA. for one (1) Z Portal X-ray, w/ Backscatter, Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) imaging system to support Counter-Drug and Anti-Terrorism Programs. The system will be used primarily for inspecting passenger cars. This contract will include the system, installation and training to support the deployment with an expected 12-month period of performance.

    The AS&E Z-Portal system has state-of-the-art capabilities that assist CBP officers in the detection of contraband and weapons of mass destruction materials. This system uses standard transmission X-ray technology along with a unique "Backscatter", capability which detects low Z (density) objects such as explosives, organics, plastics, etc. that are not normally seen through a transmission X-ray imaging system . The backscatter capability, in comparison to standard Gamma-ray and X-ray transmission NII technology intended for high density objects, gives a much clearer image of the low density objects hidden in car fenders, tires, trunks, gas tanks and under the hood.

    In addition, the system offers Forwardscatter technology to complement this AS&E patented Z Backscatter technology. Forwardscatter presents a second scatter perspective that displays dense regions of scanned vehicles and compliments the Z-Portal units capabilities. Forwardscatter X-ray images are produced by photons, which are both attenuated while passing through the cargo, and scattered at small angles from the primary beam. Metallic and high-density objects appear dark in the image since they absorb most X-rays. This is similar to transmission imaging but the Forwardscatter detectors are set off the beam plane axis to improve field of view and therefore do not require precise alignment as transmission x-ray detectors would.

    The system will be used primarily at border crossings that have a high volume of car traffic. In addition, this system has a radiation detection capability to alert the operators of the presence of radioactive materials within a container.

    Because of the positive results of previously acquired and deployed Mobile Z Backscater Vans, (CBP) would like to implement this system, which is based on similar technology, into its operational environment for secondary inspections and also to serve as an evaluation instrument.

    Therefore, since AS&E is the only manufacture that can provide a system with traditional x-ray imaging and patented "Z Backscatter" and Forwardscatter technology for this requirement. CBP intends to procure this system on a sole source basis directly from AS&E.

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    • Bitch and moan...whine and complain.

      Adapt and overcome. And while you're at it,knock off the whining.

      We still have the greatest country in the world.


    • The key thing that makes this forwardscatter technology important is that when it is combined w/ backscatter it'll make it easier to see metal on metal. In other words, if a truck full of weaponry would be scanned that is and the weapons are extremely well hidden it'll differentiate, the metal of the truck and metal of the weapons more clearly.

      According to the DOD's site (see the congressional record), Forwardscatter/backscatter will be developed by DOD to find concealed IED's and weapons.

      We may seethis in use at US military bases and Iraq etc....

    • I used to feel good too, after a fun spending spree all charged to my good old credit card. Then later, when that bill came due. I didn't feel so good.

      Interest rates will rise so we will be able to keep borrowing from other countries so enjoy it will they are low.

      Taxes actually went up. Since, by definition, taxes are the money the government needs to bring in to cover its spending; that big ol 40% increase in the federal budget (not including Iraq and Katrina) will have to be covered by taxes coming in at some point. Looks like now, those taxes will have some interest tacked on. You are referring to the tax RATE, which is lower for some (mostly the wealthy).

      Amazing how supposedly smart people like you (and idiots like Bush), don't know the difference between taxes and the tax rate. Bush keeps touting how he lowered taxes. That is a direct lie. He only lowered the tax rate, which basically decides who pays how much for the government's spending. If this war is so important for this country, why is the entire cost put off to some future generation.

      Salaries are up for who?
      Unemployment is down for who?

      Since the tax rate is down, I guess companies do have more money for these things. But since the government has increased its spending (under supposed small government republicans) taxes are going to have to go up big at some point in the future to cover that spending. What happens then? All we are doing is making the future worse. Have some foresight.

      It's not just about you 5putz. We are all in this together. Think about those around you for once, you self centered prick.

      Better cash in that gain in your house, before all the debt we have accumulated crushes us. Keep in mind a lot of the house value increase is financed by interest only loans. My god, what fools.

    • Hmmm....

      My house value has skyrocketed...

      Interest rates are very low...

      Taxes are DOWN....

      Salaries are up....

      Unemployement is DOWN...

      Stock market at all-time highs...


      I like it.

    • If he is going to be the president then he should start acting like one. The guy has done some major damage to this country. I don't care if he is the president. All evidence points to a disaster and he doesn't deserve any respect anymore.

      The idiots in this situation are those who voted for him. It was obvious Bush was a complete idiot back in 2000. And the biggest idiots are those who still say Bush is a good president after all the crap he has pulled.

      During the last election, I heard from repulicans who didn't want democrats elected because then we would have big spending. What rock were they hiding under? Bush and the republicans who controlled this country from 2001-2006 increased the U.S. budget by greater than any other time (a 40% increase in normal spending). Note, this spending does NOT include Iraq and Katrina. So Bush and Co. actually made the biggest tax increase ever (taxes are needed to cover spending) while decreasing the tax rate.

      What a bunch of hypocrites you republicans are.

      And since you idiots can't be persuaded to see the light of day, my new motto is "Berate, don't debate". It's just not worth it anymore.

      Republicans have (and are) doing worse things to this country than Al Qaeda. A vote for republican is a vote for Osama (to take and reverse a line from Bush).

    • Well....he IS the President of the United States.

      You, on the other hand, aren't.

      Did you graduate from Harvard?

      Kind of silly to denegrate someone who has obviously accomplished more in his life than you.



    • I think your post describe you to a tee. Youre in youre out sold saw the trend bought and now are out. you are pathetic.

    • Oh Ben, quit pumping this turkey.

      Your $90 buy is so far in the toilet it will never get out.

      I suggest selling out, taking your losses, and getting into a REAL stock.

      BTW, leave the HS sector entirely. It is toast unless the taliban NUKES NY. Which isn't likely.


    • He picked EVCC at $7 on Monday.

      Nomad is a dart throwing monkey living on past glory.

    • Yes, I'm kidding you big goof. Give me your next pick my friend!!

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