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  • et_sage et_sage May 16, 2007 9:52 AM Flag

    Xchange rate could catapult ASEI

    I have never been in ASEI, but the stars are aligned for a nice 10% plus pop. First, they are getting more international sales - like FWLT, CROX, MDR, etc. If over 50% of business is international, then expect 15% plus. The exchange rate is a tremendous boost to these companies. I played NTRI, CROX, FWLT and am back in CROX for the stock split - I gotta feeling ASEI will surge on Monday AH and into tuesday.

    Any thoughts of wisdom from the longs.?

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    • "The majority of
      international contracts are bid in U.S. dollars. For those contracts that are bid in other currencies, the Company considers the need to
      engage in hedging contracts to control foreign exchange risk. There were no hedging activities in fiscal 2006, 2005, or 2004."

      That was taken from their 2006 annual report:
      page 19

      THUS, I doubt that "The exchange rate could catapult ASEI" like you say.

      I think the best recommendation is not to play this stock at all - until some strong positive news comes out.

    • ELN taking off this morning sage...THANK YOU!

      ASEI is next.

    • Vito, you really need to stop being negative. All that I posted is due to your negative energy you have thrown on the board with your commentary. Funny, all my friends want to join me in my investing success. You do not know anything about me. When it gets down to it money is like any staple, food, clothes, oxygen - you need it to get by in life.

      I treat this boad like the 19th hole at a golf club. But here we all invest - thus I discuss my round for the day or my rounds for this year - right now I am shooting well below par - the goal of investing is to make money. I am going to use it to raise my kids and open businesses that touch people's lives. How is none of your business.

      You are one annoying fuck that really does not deserve anymore responses. hasta.

    • A book I like is 'Your Money or your life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

      Just up your alley. Shows how to get your priorities straight. Happiness over money, that sort of thing. Makes me want to leave this dump called So Cal. BTW spent two weeks in Costa Rica. Guanacaste (sp?) and the Arenal Volcano resort at the base with the hot springs.

      Great country. Likely best place to live outside the US.


    • for some inspiration.

    • Particulars are not necessary - just know I trade for ego, adrenaline, and $$$$ together. The action is the rush. Can you play poker for a month and not bet? The experience is the best part. I do it because I can and I am having fun. I will not get philosophical and talk about how so many people in america can't go through the day and make choices about working, eating, buying goods and services without being consumed by money. I lived in Costa Rica for a year in 2004/2005 and learned what life is truly about. My journey continues and it gets better everyday.

      If you truly want to know what stellar living is do it in another country where the culture is not about money - find one and live, overcome your fears and enjoy.

      I do not lie, that is part of my character - I admit my mistakes (which are opportunities to learn from) along with my successes.

      Stellar investing.

    • >>>I have made some very aggressive plays in the last 2 years with one mistake on ISRG that cost me $100,000 -

      I just have to ask? How did you lose money on ISRG? I guess you had to short it? Because if you would have done your dd on it you would have stayed the course. Did you short it or just sell on a dip? I'm not knocking you as i have lost money on great stocks also. Mainly because I did no DD,just heard about them, bought them to make a quick buck,they went down and I sold. Of course that was a long time ago, before patience was invented. :)

    • I was a fan of NTRI and ICE. I quit NTRI when I learned that it was infested with shorts. So is ASEI.

      I was tired of the stock appearing to be manipulated. I made money in NTRI, but it was not worth the aggravation to me. It did very well with the last ER.

      I was also heavy into ICE but it reach my sell level so I sold. I like CME and think that it will eventually merge with BOT but am not sure when.

      I like SPAR, GS, AAPL, RIMM but am anticipating a consolidation and so am mostly in cash.


    • Right on...thank you. Looking forward to what you think of it! Speaking of Laird Hamilton...I'm sure you've watched the movie Riding Giants. My favorite part of that entire movie is the end when Laird rides that monster wave in Teahupoo was EPIC. There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful to me than when I surf...

      You seem like a real good person...a breath of fresh air here. Look out for the "Nomad" character who frequents this board...he's evil, but makes a lot of money. Maybe he'll get his bad karma in the after-life.

      Good fortunes and thanks for posting here!

      I think MAGS is going to pop on earnings too. The company is just too good to keep falling. Product is top notch.

    • With 58, I just added one, one more will not hurt. But I have enough to keep me redeploying through September. I will perofrm R&A (research % analysis) in my pursuit of the next opportunity. Thank you - ASEI will deliver LT and has solid products. Mostly, timing is all. That is why I spend hours trying to triangulate when to get in and when to get out. Surfing emotional exhuberence is a rush - kinda like Laird Hamilton on a 60 foot wave.

      I am going to down shift around June 10 until after June 25.

      Stellar investing.

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