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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Aug 21, 2007 5:15 PM Flag

    Another short squeeze coming? ASEI on Reg SHO list.

    Last time ASEI was on this list, the stock ran from the low 50's to 70. The day it hit its 52 week high it was removed from the list. Coincidence?

    Aug 20, 2007 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- BUYINS.NET,, announced today that these select companies have been added to the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE naked short threshold list: American Science and Engineering Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI), Blue Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: BLUE), Hill International Inc. (NASDAQ: HINT), Mitcham Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: MIND), Mannatech Inc. (NASDAQ: MTEX), NeuroMetrix Inc. (NASDAQ: NURO). For a complete list of companies on the naked short list please visit our web site. To find the SqueezeTrigger Price before a short squeeze starts in any stock, go to

    American Science and Engineering Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI) together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of X-ray and other inspection solutions primarily for homeland security markets. It offers CargoSearch Inspection Systems, including high-energy and medium-energy non-intrusive inspection and screening devices that are used for the inspection of trucks, cars, cargo containers, pallets, and air cargo to combat trade fraud, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and terrorism at border crossings, seaports, military bases, railroad centers, airports, and cargo and transportation hubs. The CargoSearch product family include OmniView gantry system, a high-energy cargo and vehicle inspection system; Z Portal, which is an inspection system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks, and cargoes for threats and contraband; and PalletSearch, conveyorized X-ray inspection system designed to perform non-intrusive inspection of mixed cargo shipped on pallets or in air cargo containers. The company also offers Z Backscatter imaging systems, such as Z Backscatter Van, a mobile X-ray screening system to produce photo-like images of plastic explosives or other anomalies of the contents of a vehicle or cargo container; and Ruggedized Detection Imaging Module, a relocatable Z Backscatter imaging system for screening vehicles at a security checkpoint or border crossing. The company's products also include ParcelSearch inspection systems that are designed for the non-intrusive X-ray scanning of parcels, baggage, and mail; and SmartCheck, a personnel screening system for the screening contraband and threats hidden under a person's clothing, such as guns and knives, plastic explosives, composite weapons, and drugs. It sells its products to port and border security, aviation security agencies, military organizations, and high threat commercial and government facilities. The company was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts. With 9.19 million shares outstanding and 1.57 million shares declared short as of July 2007, there is a failure to deliver in shares of ASEI.

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    • Looks like the stock buy back plan is working! This isn�t a one trick pony any longer.

    • Its very interesting stuff. Thanks. From what I read, some of the institions can make some good money (on negative rebate stocks) for loaning the shares to shorts.

      also, Ben, congrats on RAE today. I feel RAE is a much better long term hold than FRPT since the dems pull out of Iraq the need for cougars goes down. But I think RAE will have good long term markets for its sensors.

      • 1 Reply to ebitda2k
      • Thanks for the Congrats....but I am a long way away from deserving any congrats on RAE. I am up on my investment, but very far away from where I expect this to end up. When a stock gets as washed out as RAE or MAGS have been recently any glimmer of optimism can wake people up. RAE is looking at buying facilities that will give them capacity to grow into a $500 million company. No company that does security is growing revenues much faster than RAE is and will be. No one.

        Except possibly MAGS....I know I sound like a broken record, but MAGS would not be an $8 or $10 or $12 stock if any firm had coverage. They bidding on projects that are bigger than any that ASEI is currently except CAARS.

    • All this means to me is that there is big money betting that ASEI will go lower.

      So much so that they have overextended and sold share more shares than they can get their hands on.

      If there is a marketmaker that wants to F*!@ with them, they can put severe pressure upward on the stock.

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      • Its not that simple. Reg SHO securities that are strong technically have done amazingly well vs the market. This is not a situation where a MM will screw w/ them to cause a squeeze. If a security is on the list that has a pending merger, pending private placement, pending dilution, etc....its meaningless.

        I suggest you do a little more research into the performance of these stocks on the REG SHO list. is a good place to start. I don't endorse too many sites, but this one has helped me make a lot of money.

        Also, MM's don't screw with each other like you think. For the most part. they try to work with each other, because its in their best interest to do so. They never know when they need a favor from the competition. Wall Street is a very small community.

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