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  • persistent177 persistent177 Jan 28, 2008 1:11 PM Flag

    President Obama

    Get used to it. Its going to happen. Politics have not seen an inspirational leader like Obama in 40 years. His inspiration will heal the damage that Clinton and Bush caused this nation to be is so divided and weak. Obama can heal those wounds.

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    • Sure is refreshing to have President Obama address our country's problems

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      • This is fact and I am sure you already heard this: Michelle OBama's interior decorator is the same one that did John Thrain's office. $1 to $2 million per room.......Let's see how the press handles that one.

        Laura Bush when asked about redecorating: "Mrs. Clinton has already done it".

      • Spanspur's already seen the White Paper.

        OBama gets bailed out by the Fed.

        4% mortgage rates coming to a your neighborhood soon.......

      • Here's a recap from Geithner's confirmation hearing: "We have no plan at this time".

        OBama: Hope to have something by February. Every economist predicts the stimulus will fail. There is virtually no way to create 5,000 jobs everyday of the year for the next two years. There were 40K layoffs this week.

        Of course, the OBama administration is already using semantics to cover their tracks: "we are going to create or SAVE
        3 to 4 million jobs".........

        Where are the Peace Niks.......go to the official web page......full scale buildup and war about to take place in Afghanistan with incursions into Pakistan. Where are they? The Canidate of Peace is now the canidate of WAR...........

        OBama is very practical. Michelle's brother has already taken in $10 million. And Bill Clinton is taking bribes faster than McDonald's can produce a Happy Meal...........

        Chicago Style.......Illnois political corruption now operating in D.C.

        Be sure an get some Star Bucs on the way home tonight..........maybe shopping
        this weekend.

    • Tick tock tick tock. 14 days and counting. No more Bush.

    • Next week Obama will be the Dem's nominee. In six months he'll be President-elect Obama. Hillary has sunk much lower than I think anyone would have guessed. I don't think McCain will be nearly as dirty as her. I liked McCain's challenge to go to Iraq. I think its a fair challenge. Whether its McCain or Obama, the nation will be better off next year.

    • Prediction markets now see Obama defeating Clinton Mon Feb 11, 12:54 PM ET

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Traders wagering on the outcome of the U.S. presidential vote were overwhelmingly betting on Monday that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama will defeat former first lady Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and ultimately win the presidency.


      Obama, whose campaign swept four state Democratic presidential contests against Clinton over the weekend, was trading at about 70 on Monday on the Dublin, Ireland-based Intrade predictions market, meaning traders gave him a 70 percent chance of being the Democrats' presidential candidate in the November election.

      Clinton, who replaced her campaign manager in a staff shake-up, was selling at about 30, meaning traders gave her a 30 percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination, data on the Intrade web site showed.

      Traders on the Iowa Electronic Markets, a nonprofit exchange run by researchers at the University of Iowa, had similar expectations, giving Obama a 70 percent chance of winning the nomination and Clinton about a 27 percent chance.

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      • "Where's the beef". God save us from Hillary. But why is this guy qualified to run this Country? Again, if he were white ( should say more white) we would laugh at his resume. Qualification ="charasmatic"??? That will impress Putin.
        I could care less that every commercial on TV has the white male as either an idiot or in a subordinate position to the white female or the minority.
        Could care less about the stink over how many minority coaches in the NFL even though their numbers exceed the % of the population.

        I do care who is President of this Country . It is as wrong to not vote as it is to vote for someone because of their race. The stakes are too high .

    • OBITS ??

    • More bad press for gj.

    • You are getting real good at double speak there. Do you ever write what you truly mean, or is everything you write subject to your current interpretation?

      You have been caught again in your own words and what a nasty little web you weave yourself into.

      Your exact words "9/11 was the best thing that could have happened to us". Doesn't sound like that needs any more interpretation.

    • Are you so stupid that you can't understand Spanspur's sarcasm? Otherwise why would you have to question "us"??

      By the way, what does Iggy Pop have to do with this. I think he is a talented artist, but not sure what he has to do with this discussion.

    • "us"?? Let GJ talk to the morons at Put the clueless loser on IGGY...

    • Man.......GJ really put us in our place. Just goes to show
      what a high school education can do. I am crushed.........

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