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  • gj0084 gj0084 Feb 12, 2008 7:54 PM Flag

    Flip Flopper McCain

    McCain voted against the Bush tax rate cuts saying they were too expensive. Now that he has been proven right he says he wants to make them permanent.

    The worst kind of so called "flip-flopper" is one who was right at first and then Bush with Terri Shivo.

    McCain is worn out and tired. Do not vote for him.

    People say Obama doesn't have the experience to be president. He does have common sense though and that is pretty much all that is needed with his charisma. He will make a fine president, but too bad he will have to spend his entire 2 terms cleaning up Bush's mess.

    And it looks like it doesn't matter who is president regarding ASEI's future and this whole "who's stronger on security" myth. International orders are increasing quite nicely.

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    • All you need is charisma & common sense? Common sense should tell you that is dead wrong. Your hatred for Bush is beyond reasonable. The Administration is criticized for faulty intelligence--last time I checked Iraq was a police state when that went on.At the end of the day one of the worst dictators in modern times is gone. Oh that someone had done that in 1937.
      Oh that's right-- no reason to worry about Iran. Common sense tells me that you let hijackers alone because they will eventually land the plane? Iranian's may talk about wiping Israel off the face of the earth but common sense says they won't do anything. Read your history Mr. Chamberlain.

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      • And your ignorance also seems to allow you to forget that we had S.H. under control for about $1 billion a year. We patrolled no-fly zones; we had weapons inspectors (who were right by the way); we were stationed nearby.

        None of these things existed back in 1937 for that situation. So things were quite different this time.

        And I can't understand how you can think that spending (borrowing) $600 billion, losing close to 4,000 military folks, another 25,000 seriously injured, alienating our allies, and allowing the real Al Quada to regroup in Pakistan was worth taking out a tyrant who was well managed.

        How conenvient of you to ignore all these things? I guess you can't ignore what your right wing media nuts don't tell you to think.

      • Shame on you. You forgot a space between a period and the word "At". What a dope.

        Faulty intelligence? You mean like when the CIA said that S.H. did NOT try to buy yellowcake from Africa, yet Bush went ahead and said so to the public? You mean like when the CIA said that those aluminum tubes were for short range missiles that were not even banned but the administration still said they were for nuclear centrifuges? You mean like when the CIA said that Curveball was named that because you couldn't tell whether what he said was true or not, yet Bush went ahead and used his testimony as "slam dunk" evidence that S.H. had WMD? Or perhaps when Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector in Iraq before he was forced out said that S.H. had no WMD, yet Bush completely ignored this.

        Are these the faulty intelligence reports you speak of?

        You look pretty stupid when you try to repeat what Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh tell you what to think.

    • I sure do. And you must be smart enough to at least figure out what kind of job it is for me to have so much time in front of a computer.

    • Resident goofball....

    • Don't you have a job or something?

    • Thank you for proving my point, dummy.

    • Senor Moron,

      Bill Clinton was impeached. He wasn't convicted. The Demos controlled the senate.

      Like I wrote yesterday.......these communications are pointless. No matter
      what I were to say, what you were shown, you GJ would fail to accept and merely come up with something like, "why didn't the Republicans......"

      It's OK man..........for years the Demo
      faithful absolutely refuse to face what the Clinton's are, where they came from,
      and what their involvements did to the

      It's OK man..........OBama is going to change everything and take care of you.
      But he's already back tracking on the war. What are you going to say when 6 years from now we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan? And who knows where else,

      And the last thing you want to read are the congressional transcripts about the Clinton's. Don't bother.......they are
      not true. It's all part of the vast
      "right wing" conspiracy.

    • From your point of view they are pointless because you lose each time. Simple logic knocked out your claim of Bill Clinton's tyranny against Ameria. Otherwise you could have responded with some details instead of wandering off on some generalizations again.

      Like I said, if what you said is all true, the Republicans would have impeached him for those things instead of lieing about a blowjob.

    • These communications are pointless.

      You either missed the late 80's or the entire 90's.

      GJ, you're like the ostrich with his head in the sand.

    • I would have done the same...on the real attackers.

      I would have listened to the evidence that said Iraq and SH were not a threat and stayed out of there. Hillary was too lazy to bother looking at the intelligence reports they all had that posed some serious questions about SH's involvement. That's why she should NOT be president.

      Which is the same reason McCain should NOT be president either.

    • Assuming all this stuff was true, then why impeach him for lieing about a blow job. Why not impeach for these much more serious offenses. If all this evidence you claim is out there and they choose the blowjob route, then there can be only one of 2 reasons:

      - This stuff is not true

      - The Republicans have some pretty screwy priorities.

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