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  • mrs.spanspur mrs.spanspur Aug 1, 2011 5:16 PM Flag

    GJ on suicide watch !!!!

    Look out beeeloooowwww....

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    • "The health care bill alone will cause this country to go default and bankrupt over the next 10 years."

      Really? It was fully paid for and actually produced 100 billion in deficit reduction.

      I notice you didn't mention the Medicare Part D spending program that cost nearly as much as the healthcare overhaul. That program cost $780 billion versus the $800 billion healthcare reform bill and was fully borrowed.

      Seems to me that borrowing an additional $780 billion would do worse things to our economy than a program that generates $100 billion in deficit reduction. Why didn't you complain about that?

      And I'm also still waiting to hear your response as to why higher tax rates didn't kill off jobs (we created 22 million jobs) in the 90's.

      Cat got your tongue or have you finally come to your senses based on simple logic that I laid out for you.

    • And now we have the S&P downgrade on U.S. debt.

      Boehner was willing to raise some revenue. Obama was willing (obviously) to make major spending cuts. Had we simply had that agreement months ago, this downgrade would never had been disucssed.

      The tea baggers are to blame for this. And now the U.S. gets to pay higher interest rates and thus increase the deficit.

      Welcome to tea bagger land.

    • How long are you going to carrying on this shurraid?............

    • I'd say letting the debt rise by $2.4T was quite a Republican compromise.

    • There are 60 members of the Tea Party caucus in the House.

      34 voted for the compromise bill. 26 voted against it.

      The Democrats, controlled by the left-wig fanatic Progressive Caucus (75 members) split 50-50%.

      A greater percentage of Democrats were willing for the government to default.

    • I like how you put that. Clever, but completely misleading.

      I said if the Republicans would have compromised with Obama and let some tax rates rise, as Obama had compromised with Republicans on spending cuts, then the market would have confidence that we are serious about reducing our deficit.

      But to be completely one sided (Obama compromised on everything and the Republicans gave in on nothing), that spells disaster. And we are now seeing it.

    • Then explain how we did just fine in the 90's with higher tax rates than what Obama proposed. We created 22 million jobs with higher tax rates. The net job gain since the Bush tax rate cuts in 2001 and 2003 have been just about zero. We now have the lowest taxes paid as a percentage of GDP in 60 years. And that has been true for a while now.

      If these low tax rates were the answer (they've been in place since 2003), then they would have produced results by now. Clearly it's not as simple as you make it out to be.

      If Republicans would have compromised with Obama, the market would have more confidence in our government. But they are running scared at the thought of a few fantasy land crazy tea baggers being able to dictate legislation.

    • GJ..there are about 100 Tea Party members out of 436 in the House??

      BTW they were elected on a platform...

      Right now he's STILL blaming Bush.

    • The majority of the House Tea Party voted for the compromise agree to by President Obama.

      The majority of the House Democrats did NOT vote for the compromise agreed to by their own President.

      Who are the fanatics?

    • Yeah. The socialist/communist GJ at work.
      "The market and the world knows we need to raise taxes"

      Thats funny, Europe and most of the rest of the world should have fantastic economies because their tax rates are at 50% and higher.....

      But, wait, Greece is bankrupt, Europe is plunging faster than the US.... So, why is that? Perhaps, the Socialist agenda doesn't work and drags everyone down.

      Oh, thats right keep raising taxes. The liberals never saw a tax they didn't like.

      The drop is because we spend too much. We are reaching the point of those who produce are going to be less than those who do not.

      The Government needs to be reduced and get back to the original intention of the founders. The health care bill alone will cause this country to go default and bankrupt over the next 10 years.

      The small crazy minority is he Obama administration and the liberals in Congress with Reid, Pelosi, Schumbert.

      Want to see the most ignorant person in the world?

      Go look in a mirror.

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