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  • iruleyoulose iruleyoulose Aug 8, 2011 6:02 PM Flag

    Thank you Obama

    For your great job in restoring the economy. The increase in spending from 19% of GDP to 24% of GDP in 2 short years. The increase in our debt by $4T in your short term so far.

    The unwillingness of your party and administration to think of nothing other than to raise taxes without controlling spending.

    This is not the conservative's fault, it lies firmly in the hands of those in charge of the Executive Branch and the House. You control 2 out of 3 branches of government and still want to blame someone else for your failings.

    Of course, the Lemmings such as GJ will follow you right over the cliff.

    You and your dimwitted VP have been a disgrace and a failure. You have no plan and unrealistic expectations for controlling a budget in the future when you have mandated a health plan that will add another $10T in Federal debt over the next 10 years.

    You have disgraced Americans with your remarks to the Mexican President, degrading Americans. You have shown a preference to elevate foreign nations and illegals over the rights of your own citizens.

    And now you are presiding over the worst economic policies in US history.

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    • "The Mrs. is a pretty bad one too. Talk about immature."
      GJ, that hurt... The "X" is in California & I'm in South Jersey. Wolfie is in Chicago.
      Your not getting anything right including the DOPE in the White House.

    • Finally starting to build our house.

      Made lots of money on the deepwater oil drillers.

      Glad I sold ASEI before the big plunge. Still haven't bought back in yet.

      It's nice in Iowa. Except for the Republican crazy off. I can't believe how they deliberately try to out crazy each other.

      Otherwise it's been a great summer; nice and hot with plenty of skinny dipping in the pond.

      The insurance industry is doing well for me. They have plenty of large databases that need mining and analysis. And I wouldn't mind if tax rates on capital gains are the same as what I pay to work. Seems fair and would be a step towars balancing the federal budget.

      Oh well. The crazy off continues....

      I don't see your Wolftxxx posts because that personality is so annoying. Had to put that one on ignore.

      The Mrs. is a pretty bad one too. Talk about immature. You can do better than that.

      Take care Spin.

    • Sir, do not make fun of people with multiple-personality disorder. I, George Washington, say so...

    • Hi GJ,

      I see corn is still coming out of your ears.....

      How's the summer going in Iowa? Warm days, hotter nights? How's your favorite sheep Linda doing these days?

      It's been warm out here on the west coast. Suppose to be 78 degrees this weekend. Of course, it cools down at night. Does it stay warm after dark out there in Iowa? You getting ready for winter?

      Stay away from some of the posters on this board as they are using multiple id's and are carrying on conversations with themselves. Wolftxxx is suspect in my opinion........

    • "Unemployment decreased in the first year of Obama's Presidency? You really should stay away from the listening to MSNBC and Chris Matthews, Move-On and the Huffington Post. Go to any source and look at the unemployment numbers from 2008 - 2010."

      Please try to understand the difference between unemployment and the rate of job loss. Then we can talk. Your response clearly shows that you don't understand the difference which means you are still ignorant.

      That graph says it all. The rate of job loss was steadily increasing under Bush. Then peaked and started decreasing under Obama.

    • I still hear the crickets.... No answer, as I thought.

      Unemployment decreased in the first year of Obama's Presidency? You really should stay away from the listening to MSNBC and Chris Matthews, Move-On and the Huffington Post. Go to any source and look at the unemployment numbers from 2008 - 2010.

      And you use the 'SierraVoice' and Nancy Pelosi as your unbiased source? You truly have been brainwashed. Now that is truly laughable. To try and spin an nemployment rate of 8% and less and then increasing to 9% and worse under Obama's first year as an improvement. Perhaps, the botox treatments have made her senile? The government funded botox treatments that is.

      Real unemployment has risen substantially under Obama and not just reported unemployment, which has substantially increased as well.

      Clarification. As of March 2011, the Obama administration had reissued 4 permits for deep sea drilling and one new permit. From a decrease of over a 100 a year prior to 2010. Since then, the rate of approval has been agonizingly slow.

      While drilling is limited almost entirely to pre approved wells and limited at that. And as of July 2011:
      That ban on drilling was lifted in October. However, new rules said no deepwater drilling could begin until companies could contain oil spills on the ocean floor, and those capabilities weren't available until February. Since then, the federal bureau has issued permits to allow drilling to begin or restart at 20 wells in more than 500 feet of water. As of Friday, drilling was ongoing as 12 of those wells, said BOEMRE spokeswoman Eileen Angelico.

      Resulting in the forfeiture of potentially 230,000 jobs, plus the jobs that would be created as derivatives.

      But, then again we have a VP, that makes remarks such as:

      Biden, Aug. 19: And I’m anxious to talk to you about both our economies and how we can work together. But I point out U.S. treasuries, we’re going to — we’re going to take care of very closely not merely because China owns 8 percent of them, but because the Americans own 85 percent.

      Or, a President who states:

      Obama, Aug. 15: And in most countries that are doing well right now educationally, their teachers are revered. They get paid on par with doctors and engineers, because there is an understanding that this is a critical profession for the future of the nation.


      "Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn english - they'll learn english - you need to make sure YOUR child can speak Spanish, you should be thinking about how can your child become bilingual."


      Oops. Seems that someone disagrees with your assessment that no drilling permits have been issued in the Gulf.

      And I love how you posted about Obama loaning Brazil 2 billion so they could drill for oil. That has been debunked long ago, but you still post it. That only shows how brainwashed you've become.

    • We relected Bush in 2004, but I don't blame Bush. I blame the idiot Republicans (many who now call themselves the tea party and desparately voice their disapproval of record deficits and big government spending) who re-elected him after it was shown that he presided over record deficits and big government (non-defense even) spending increases.

      Sorry hypocrite Republicans. You are to blame for our decline. You turned a budget surplus into record deficits. F you.

    • Obama was elected because John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate. When people saw what a nightmare she was, they realized they better go with the common sense guy.

      McCain also was a true flip-flopper. He didn't earn the nickname "Maverick" because he suscribed to every single Republican talking point. At one point he too paid attention to realism. But for 2008, he had to give up all his common sense ideas and go far to the right. That showed his complete hypocrisy and most centrist types don't go for that.

      One of the earlier posters said that "where is Reagan when we need him". My point is that he is right there in front of you. Reagan raised taxes because he realized he had cut taxes too far and that kind of deficit spending was not sustainable. If the Republicans of today could realize this, we would have had this silly debt ceiling debate finished long ago, avoided a downgrade (which is stupid anyway), and actually started doing something to decrease the deficit (something the tea baggers are saying they want to do, but their every move causes the opposite).

    • Ahhh, once again the facts do not lign up with your propaganda. You might want to take a look at the following chart which shows the rate of job loss comparing Bush's last year in office against Obama's first year in office. Ouch!

      I'm not going to bother with the rest of your lies. I've seen them all in nearly every right wing blog or online posting and they are all false.

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