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    • Of course we'll send more money. We have to guarantee loans for companies that contribute to the President's reelection campaign, don't we? And don't forget benefits for illegal aliens and foreign aid for nations that harbor terrorists. Geez, there are a lot of needs in the world.

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      • Yep. There are tons of needs in this world. Like the need to pay back the $10 billion (yes, that's B as in Billion), that George W. Bush borrowed, sent to Iraq in cash, and then promptly lost it all. No record of where it went.

        But that was back in 2004/2005 time period when there were no tea baggers shouting about deficits.

        But that brings up an interesting point. I wonder why they waited so long to start shouting about things that had been happening for 7 years? And I wonder why Republicans were able to "work with" Bill Clinton to balance the budget in part by raising taxes more than Obama is currently proposing. Now, the Republicans won't raise any taxes. I wonder why they would work with Clinton, giving in more to him than they will with Obama. The only difference I can tell, is that Obama is not white.

        Oh well.

        And here you are, complaining about a $500 million loan guarantee. Were you complaining about the $10 billion lost in Iraq back then? I also noticed that you are not complaining about the $1 Trillion (yes, that's a T for Trillion) borrowed to fight a war in Iraq that accomplished nothing.

        I didn't think so. I see you have your distorted priority glasses on.

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