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  • wolftts wolftts Mar 13, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Wolftts Has Found An Excellant Stock...

    to invest in. (WG). The company does $440 million every 90 days in revenues. There is $20 million in equipment alone that will be sold in Canada, there was $63 million in cash as of November 2011, and there are 250 employees in the Canadian Oil Sands area now. The Remediation business is working, and there will be more that $100 Billion spent on infrastructure projects in Canada and the States during the next decade.

    WG exceeded its debt redcution program last year paying down approximately $125 million.
    WG has a 200 employee construction engineering deivision and the BUZZ on the floor is the VOLUME, SIZE, and SCOPE of the work that is coming through the door. As one industry insider recently commented, "1st you design it, then you build. It's been that way ever since I have been here".

    Does not everyone find it extraordinary that S&P finds it necessary to cover and release opinion (3) Three separate times in the last 6 months on the company. That each time they put a negative spin on it, but qualify there opinion with something like, well, there is enough work to...... These reports are being
    produced by a child in the financial services
    industry. Probably at the direction of the supervisor. S&P seems to being going out of their way to create a perception of weakness, when, as we have already discussed, tons of work is coming through the door. Wherein WG may not participate in the Keystone, there is only so much qualified coverage to complete industry projects, WG will be providing a lot of it........from design to completion.

    When the price dropped below Book back in 2011, a lot of employees loaded up into the stock....

    You may want to call IR if you already haven't.
    In our opinion, S&P is intentionally trying to drive the stock down, keep it down, while positions are established. Top insiders have payed more that $5.25 for their personal shares recently.

    In Wolftts opinion the company could be sold tomorrow morning for between $6 and $7 which may also happen by design...

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