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  • givethanksineverything givethanksineverything May 29, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    ASEI: a long term holder's thoughts

    I have held ASEI since the end of the last decade and have seen ASEI fluctuate many times before.

    So this recent tough qtr. begs the question: buy or sell??

    Well, unless I had reason to believe that terrorism or smuggling was going to abate ... then a sell would be in order.

    If I thought that ASEI had second rate equipment or a compromised future, then a sell would be in order.

    However, neither case is of concern ... and just one major incident in the US would accelerate the incentives to beef up security further on a WORLDWIDE basis.

    I know this SP correction has been huge ... but the BOD has decided to continue a generous dividend payout ... and to buyback its own shares.

    Also, there was a hint in the cc of a major potential international order, if I recall correctly. Does anyone else have a better memory??

    So from my perspective, ASEI, at this price level, is a clear buy and hold, IMHO.


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    • Hey Give. I just received an email alert I must have set years ago for when it retreated back to $47. I've been out of ASEI for years, luckily sold during a historical high looking back.

      I'm just now looking at ASEI again to see what's the deal, review some past CCs etc.

      I'm thinking there are a lot of better deals out there to park your money though. Lots of oversold stocks and deals.

    • I believe you will change your thoughts when next quarters results are published. If we have another debacle like the last quarter look for 30 to 35 dollar stock

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