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  • wolftts wolftts Oct 30, 2012 12:10 AM Flag

    Romney Likes/Loves America...............


    "Romney Likes/Loves America"...Is that why he helped dismantele company after company and ship jobs overseas and has $$millions in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands? People knows he is a fake crumb...

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    • JP Morgan increased the family fortune by buying weak/dying companies. Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein's husband Alfred Blume has $500 million+ invested in China. Yeah, Romney may be all Trilateral/CFR wired up, but he doesn't hate the country like Obama who feels that it is his "birth right", to "dismantle America", while avenging his granfather's servitude to the British back around the turn of the century, while he finds some personal significance in his personal quest to bond with his intellectual father who wasn't there for him after banging his white mother.
      And then when his next daddy didn't work out either, well, the Prez has psychological issues......

      And in his mind his personal agenda is more important than American history since 1619.....

      At best, Obama is a technician for the bankers, and his management of the country is a Chicago style ponzi scheme that speaks to the empty suit that he is........

      You can find him in the faculty longe or the golf course.....

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