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  • techman_1700 techman_1700 Jun 14, 2000 11:39 AM Flag

    Very Poorly Run Company

    Spoke to some friends on the street about this
    one...CEO rotates buddies in and out of senior management
    team at high cost. His and senior team salaries out of
    balance with performance of company. Key mid-level team
    responsible for early success has departed. Lawyer
    quit...why? Lawsuit versus only cash customer the US
    Government could be the answer. I held for this long due to
    me purchasing at $11. I'm bailing.

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    • Would you rather bail at 7 than 6?

      I don't
      know the compensation package the execs have but all
      salaries are high these days.

      Aggressive companies
      are having to chump up for skilled labor and
      unskilled too. My prediction is that you can sell at 7 this
      quarter. The reason-sales. If it drops to 5 again I am
      buying more.

      I don't know when we will see 11
      again and also don't know your finance structure, etc.
      so I can't give advice.

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      • After I read your reply, I thought maybe my
        friends had it wrong so I looked at their press releases
        on the ASE website and there seems to be some
        disconnects. For example, why is the US Government leasing
        rather than purchasing X-ray vehicles. They own some
        now, are there maintenance issues?

        Why is there
        no further overseas orders despite the stated
        success of the systems in the Middle East in the press
        release? After all my gas tank screams that the Arabs have
        cash. At least my cash...

        Asia? Other X-ray
        firms are making strides in the truck inspection

        I dont know anyone inside now, what is the sales
        prediction for the next year? Last year was supposedly over
        100 Million, they barely broke half of that according
        to the annual report. What are the facts of your
        recommendation, or are you somehow connected to ASE.

        this said, this stock stalls when they execute sales

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