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  • texxkjak texxkjak Sep 5, 2002 9:37 AM Flag

    BLDP is a $ 7 stock

    Only a matter of time now since the automakers are cutting alternative energy programs.

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    • Dude, there was a joke on you and you still don't get it. VOLUME! There now we have spelled it out for you.

    • Yeah, tell that to Ericson.

      BTW, where do your numbers come from?

      Do you know that the world bank has a program specifically to try to electrify subsaharan villages?

    • Nothing to think about. A sociopath does not see themself as someone that should concern themself with the consequences of their actions upon society as a whole. Their general tenor is "phuck who gets hurt as long as I get my way." When one has a functioning Soul, they actually do consider the effects of their actions upon others. Like I say, it doesn't suprise me that you don't comprehend this.

    • Dude, go back and read that post again and think about it.

    • If BLDP hits $7 then it will likely hit $.70...

      JMHO, of course. True believers are allowed to hope for any future price of BLDP they like. Hope is everything isn't it :)

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      • Yes, and hope is what causes a lot of people to sit complacent and watch investments go right down the drain. Funny how much optimism and paralysis are related. BLDP is truly the land of the ostriches.

      • Let's call a spade a spade.

        If you are not an investor or if you are not investigating as to whether to invest in Ballard. you are here for one other purpose only. To try and dissuade others from investing. Now nobody interested in making money is going to be wasting their time here unless it pays them to do so. So obviously it pays for you to dissuade potential investors. You admit to being short. Shorting is nothing more than a manipulation of the marketplace. Therefore you show yourself as being somneone who thinks that manipulation is acceptable as long as it makes you money. Money is the end all and be all in your life. You have sacrificed and sold whatever Soul you were born with for the sake of money. You have no counsciousness except "money is the supreme thing". You have no morality except that which obtains you more money. Instead of your life centering on people, it centers on money. What is money. It is pieces of paper that is contaminated with traces of fecal material of everyone who has touched it. I guess we really shouldn't be suprised that people like you are attracted to it. Feces can only relate to feces.

    • Hi, texxkjak, newman and others,

      Why do you keep talking about automobiles when the near-term source of income is home cogeneration units? The following article estimates Japanese cogeneration sales to be almost four times automotive sales in 2010.

      Japan's PEMFC Fuel Cell Market To Be Worth Over US$3 Bln by 2010

      23 August 2002

      Provider: Asia Pulse Pte Ltd

      TOKYO, Aug 23 Asia Pulse - The market for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) will be worth 401.1 billion yen (US$3.35 billion) annually on a shipment basis in 2010, according to a Yano Research Institute Ltd. forecast released Thursday

      Demand for PEFCs will begin to rise sharply around 2003 for use in household cogeneration systems and automobiles, the institute predicted.

      The forecast is based on a survey conducted among 34 companies, including energy firms, manufactures of electric machinery and automakers, between April and July.

      The market in 2010 is estimated to comprise 265 billion yen for household cogeneration systems, 72.5 billion yen for automobiles and 44 billion yen for small portable equipment, including cellular phones. Shipments in the year are expected to total 4.32 million units.

      Any Response? - gomor

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