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  • groundhogsteve groundhogsteve Nov 2, 2011 8:38 PM Flag

    OT: Hey Republicans!!!

    Bachmann crashed and burned.

    Perry crashed and burned.

    Cain crashed and burned.

    (and Gingrich crashed and burned a long time ago...)

    When will you just accept fate and go with the safe one - Mittens?

    (oh, yeah, there's still that thing about the dog in the carry kennel on the roof of the car....)

    Are you ready for Karcher yet?

    Or is Santorum going to get his day in the sun?

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    • Well, time for a little recap on the Republican race.

      Pawlenty out.
      Bachmann out.
      Cain out.
      Huntsman out.
      Perry out.

      Romney in.
      Paul in (even though he's out in loopy land).
      Gingrich in.
      Santorum in.

      Karger out in the cold.
      Johnson out in the cold.

      Gingrich probably p.o.'ed every woman with a brain, if not every woman.
      Romney coming across just as trustworthy as a used car salesman. (As in, what's he hiding with his tax returns?)
      I'm surprised Santorum hasn't done better with the evangelicals. Maybe it's his google problem causing that.

      The undecideds are still high in South Carolina a day before the primary.

      When will the madness stop? When will the Republicans just accept their fate and go with Willard?

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      • Steve

        After the Dems have anointed Obama as their candidate for President,will you put your petty mind into play and rip Obama for his affairs and his disastrous policies.

        Will you rip Michelle Obama for her Secret Service Adventuress. Sounds like an open marriage to me.Will you attack Obama for his adventures with Vera Baker?

        Will you demonize Obama for his anti energy policies? Will you chastise Obama for his disregard of the Constitution?Will you rip Obama over the deficit?

        The Republican's selection process of a presidential candidate may read like a soap opera,but the Dem's selection of a candidate will be cut and dried.Hear no evil and see no evil. Obama is your man regardless.

      • The Repubs are going to have to go back to Hollywood to find another President. This is the craziest bunch of candidates that have ever been fielded in a presidential race. They even scare most Republicans.

      • < < Gingrich probably p.o.'ed every woman with a brain, if not every woman. > >

        Maybe Reps are becoming more like Democrats, you know the party that nominated a known rapist and got him elected. And that person carried the woman's vote, including NOW. Go figure. And remember Teddy and Mary Jo? Teddy was reveared in women's circles.

        And finally as to keeping a mistriss, Newt at least asked his wife. To my knowledge John Edwards, Teddy, and Bill never asked. So I say support Newt, he is a lot more honest.



    • groundhogsteve said:
      >Cain crashed and burned.

      I wasn't aware the allegations were so devastation—would anyone here, including Dems, not take womanizer Bill Clinton over the current Pres in a heartbeat? Hmmm...


    • Yes Stevo, and I have campaigned in 57 states, we're going to close Gitmo, a constitutional law lecturer states that "we hold these truths to be self evident...." is in the constitution, etc/ and it doesn't make the news is self revealing.



    • Clinton's success came from a Newt Gingrich led congress. And, that only happened after the shut down. Clinton fought the reforms tooth and nail, but, Newt won. Then we had boom years and surpluses. The liberal dominated media is so lost in their fantasy world of idealistic (unrealistic) dreams of the way things should be that they do everything and anything they can to discredit and scandalize anyone (Newt) who does not follow the liberal "Religion". If you are on handouts and want to keep getting them, I can almost understand. If you work for a living, and want Obama back... What is wrong with you???

    • I have serious doubts about the intelligence of anyone who still thinks Obama should be reelected. Even those who care about political party above all else should at least be calling for a Democratic challenger for nomination. How deeply do you have to be immersed in fantasy to overlook the damage done in the last three years? Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's Bush's fault that Liberals forced banks to lend money to people who could not pay it back.

    • Cain supporters are gullible enough to marry one of the Kardashian sisters. I can't explain why Herman's donations go up after another major scandal erupts around his candidacy.

      Today's Rob Rogers cartoon in the Pgh P-G says it best:

      Cain as Reagan: "I don't recall!"

      Cain as Clinton: "I did not have sexual harassment relations with that woman!"

      Cain as Clarence Thomas: "This is a high-tech lynching!

      Cain as Cain: "Vote for me because I'm a Washington Outsider!"

    • < < Cain crashed and burned. > > \

      I think you are a little premature on that one. Polls taken after the news show no slippage. Remember, we elected a known rapist twice. I think Americans have become a little thick skinned about sexual matters.



    • Be afraid.. Be very afraid..

      Donald hinting at getting aboard the road to nowhere GOP presidential debacle...

      Be very afraid....!

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