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  • blueflamedave blueflamedave Aug 21, 2013 4:48 AM Flag

    JJ and JW.


    How about those divvy stocks?

    GTY has reovered nicely and the divvy is coming back with their legal win.

    DMLP is still sitting there with earnings growth this Q for JJ.

    I want to ask you both, and any others, about pipeline/storage stocks.

    You know, those spin offs from oil majors that deal in infrastructure and transmission instead of production.

    Currently I'm thinking mplx and psxp as among the newest and most promising in the sector.

    Any opinions on these or other pipeline plays that may be undervalued at the moment?

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    • I just came back from a 16 day hiking/driving tour of PA and VA. What really beautiful country this is once you get away from the main drags...rolling hills of hardwood forests and beautiful corn fields and small farms with classic milk cows and red barns and silos. The weather couldn't have been any better even though daily tick mitigation was a bit of a pain.
      It was really nice to have normal conversations with people who really want little to do with politics and value neighborly relationships far more than most any of us can contemplate. I had a lot of offers to stay for a daily meal or to sleep in the barn overnight. Next week I am off to spend 10 days cruising in the San Juan islands in Puget Sound. It is kind of a downer to come back to the city and catch up on a very depressing set of news articles on the latest racial violence and current politics and going into war again with foreign countries.

      On a more relevant note people still drive 80 mph in big vehicles with gasoline at $3.50 a gallon. I saw a few wind farms...some turning and some not, very little PV and no fuel cell vehicles. But a lot of very beautiful country.


    • BFD O/T,

      I really haven't followed them except for a short time after you mentioned them. They both didn't strike me as something 'special' for me and they didn't have a lot of trading least at the time. Instead I settled for a end to end group to cover the full manufacturing stream of crude/gas. LNCO, KMP,SDRL,CLMT and TGP. By bottom fishing I have done well except for LNCO (which is involved in a short attack and SEC review). But the income stream and tax advantages are really quite impressive and I continue to add on dips.
      There really are a lot of good stocks to pick from and I hope the two you mention do well for you.

      I am actively accumulating REITS and BDCs', as well. I hope this will be a good strategy over time (a 5-10 year period anyway).

    • This is the BL:DP board.. peddle your BS elsewhere pal

    • Stay away from any pure/heavy NG/NGL plays. Only heavy oil+ NGL plays. The NG industry will do a debt face plant in 1-2 years. And yeah no not the pipelines but if they have nothing to carry they have nothing to carry. I rode APL from 11 to 30 and WPZ from something to 50. They have both done a round trip in the last 2+ years. Borrowing money to hold up the pay out.

      Hey I think fuel cells are the way to go. Have you heard of this stock called Ballard? It is spelled B-a-l-l-a-r-d.

    • I have owned shares in KMP and SEP for years and they have been great investments. I had not heard of MLXP or PSXP before reading your post but they look interesting. I will do some research and may buy myself. Thanks.

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