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  • jj27713 jj27713 Sep 11, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    Hydrogen Fuell Cells in Boats?

    Just got back from a two week boating vacation in the San Juan Islands locale. It's the land of the 1 %'ers for sure... I had a chance to ask several boat captains what they thought of hydrogen fuel cells powering their boats. The answer was a bid 'No Way'. They love diesel for its high energy density and its usefulness in providing all electrical and heating needs aboard the boat. Diesel doesn't volatilize significantly like gasoline so extraordinary precautions about venting the enclosed spaces are necessary. Dealing with a leak of hydrogen could be disastrous due to its extreme flammability. Additionally, storing hydrogen would require bulky, pressurized containers adding weight and reducing already limited space on board.
    They have not seen any hydrogen for any application at any marina they visit. They all use lead acid batteries for electrical storage (nothing more exotic). In general the only thing I saw, in very occasional use, is a couple hundred watts of PV, mostly on sail vessels, and a couple small windmills for onboard charging.

    There were more PV applications (all of them very small) than I would have expected based on earlier rhetoric that the northwest has a poor solar insolation environment. But I saw absolutely no evidence of fuel cell use on this trip.



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    • that means nothing.... there is no thrust towards fuel cell powered boats right now.... What does that have to do with Ballard ? right ,,, absolutely nothing

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      • Hey electdon,

        A wise investor constantly does due diligence on their investment. Ballard is languishing terribly and can't seem to make a profit despite many promises and a dozen product launches. A wise investor would always be on the lookout for potential new markets and adoption of the companies products. Now maybe you don't give a darn, but I am always on the lookout for early adopters of the products I invest in.
        So in the interest of providing some independent research for the low information investor, I try to report on anything that might be useful to a Ballard stock owner. If you don't care, then don't use it and don't make infantile comments.

        PS. Are you sure there is no thrust towards fuels cell powered boats or accessories? You might want to do some additional research yourself...



    • Several boat captains in San Juan Islands love diesel? Break out the cigars and start celebrating a win for green house gas polluting idiots.

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      • Yes levy,

        I'm curious where you get your plastics products from? And the steel to make your car? And the food delivered to your store? And the fish/meat/grain that you eat? And the glumpf you buy from China? And how you get mail? And aren't you glad that you have an organization that defends you that doesn't use any diesel, either?

        It must be wonderful not to use diesel for all these items or the transportation of them to your door! You are one lucky individual. I'm sure glad you are not a 'greenhouse gas polluting idiot'. What do you use instead? Fuel cells? Let us know.



    • Thanks for nothing !
      Other than trying to tell us, that you spent 2 weeks in the San Juan Islands,
      The Gay Capital of the Universe, btw.

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