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  • william_tarasen william_tarasen Sep 26, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    A confession to make

    Today I purchased a position in BLDP. I think the pumpers are on steroids and whatever the fundamentals, this stock will rise. Understand, this is not an investment, just a market play.



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    • Well its great that you took time out from your condo empire and slave driving factory ventures in China to make a decision to buy a stock. Hopefully in the mornings it doesn't take as long for you to clear your bowels. So glad you finally put all that non-NEA quant genius mind of yours together to realize that 'the pumpers are on steroids, and whatever the fundamentals, this stock will rise.' I think debbiedean could have come up with that. I can't imagine the reams of metrics you went through before making that conclusion.

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      • I tell you his metrics.....
        He's the most powerful kind of bashing.
        Sounds like: "I give you the momentarily joy of my presence here.... buying this piece of sheeet.... but don't worry.... this has always been and forever will be a piece of sheeet".

        Reality is that he's against this technology.
        If he's short, he's sweating now.

        But have to say.. the way he's used to talk.... I think he's either a politician or works for someone. Someone big.

        Call me naive.

    • I commend you Bill for having a technical viewpoint and not merely an emotional one. I hope this is a profitable trade for you. If the stock rises to ~$5.25 a share then I can break even in my last I'm rooting for you!
      I am not very excited about the long term benefit of the Azure deal. It sounds good up front, but the Chinese have a long history of making a deal to get someones business and then copying that technology to make the products themselves under highly unethical circumstances. I'm just guessing that the Azure deal will be all but defunct in two years and 'surprise, surprise' the Chinese will be making their own fuel cell motive plants for their own market. Of course 'this time' it might be different...

      Regards and have a nice day,


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      • Well JJ, I always look for opportunities to take money from the inept, especially greenies who believe in ghosts and hydrogen. Somehow these are the same people who can't find it in their hearts to believe in God. But none the less, if they provide a profit taking opportunity, well my schedule D usually runs 60+ pages on my 1040. One more line won't matter except in the taxation calculation.



    • First you should cover.


    • Are you feeling woozy?

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