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  • rz400 rz400 Oct 21, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    When will TSLA, etal, make the switch.?

    I,m thinking lithium will get expensive. The yuan was pegged at 10:1 against the dollar. Now it is 6:1 and will probably drop in the coming years for many reasons. And I'm sure the 1,600-lb battery pak with its special airconditioning is a hassle too. Not to mention the driving range. The volt is a good idea. Operating like a diesel-electric locomotive. But it still requires a gas engine, fuel tank, delivery-system like a regular car. Basically it is all about the weight and milage. Imagine a tsla with a smaller engine and more range if it sheds its load. Basically, that's where it will all end up someday. Probably when the yuan gets to 3-4: $1. After seeing this weekends smog report from Beijing, it's a good bet Beijing is looking at fuel cells to make their all electric-car nation dream come true. Pollution here is already costing $200-$300-B a year in health related costs. So I guess they must be pushing a trillion. Money that could be spent on. .....

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    • fried_yoda_tastes_like_chicken fried_yoda_tastes_like_chicken Oct 26, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

      Keep trying to pump it, sucker, but you'll NEVER get out of your stinky shares with a profit. Just give up and sell, dope

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      • I think this is the 3rd time in. In the past 12- years. Made money one time. Got out when they sold out the rights to autos long ago. Got out of owning stocks. Back into this one because I think I can predict the future. Which is always 10-15 years away. Which gives me another 3-years to watch its ups and downs before I decide to sell or hold. So till then, I'll be posting reasons why I think I should hold on. (denial?). But thanks for the advice to sell now. But I do not make a living in the stock market. This is just a hobby. The one thing that confuses me is why Musk is adamant against F/C's. You would think he would be interested in electrons. Not where they come from.

    • do you think china needs fuel cell buses with horrific smog ?

    • Beijing is looking to natural gas for transportation. CNG/LNG vehicle numbers are exploding. As the Yuan appreciates to 3-4: $1. ...CNG/LNG companies will double $ profits just on currency appreciation alone.

      "Beijing currently has about 2,000 vehicles powered by natural gas on the road currently and is shooting for 10,000 by 2013 to include about 3,150 city buses. If that project goes well, the city plans to add more than 30,000 more natural gas vehicles by the end of 2017 including 7,000 public buses."

      China plans to make over 500,000 NGV's per year by 2015.

      Natural gas....the future of transportation in China....and elsewhere.

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      • I was enlightend about the problems of using NG, because of the pollutants effects on catalysts. Wouldn't pure hydrogen be the ultimate goal for EVs.? ///// I read about China's plan to use their #10 coal to make NG. But it seems that would totally destroy a catalyst. (maybe not). Maybe they plan to use it directly in an ICE. Either way, it does not solve the pollution problem. ///// Seems like the German solution of starting clean and ending up clean is the best long term problem solver. So I guess my long term belief is still in pure hydrogen as the final solution. And I still believe what the former premier said when he said. .... They will skip competition in 19th century ICE technology and leapfrog into the 21st century technology of EVs. Which made sense at the time considering their patent portfolio on ICE technology.

      • Clariant supplying SNG catalyst for methanation unit in Audi’s new “Power-to-Gas” plant
        21 October 2013

        Clariant, a global provider of specialty chemicals, has supplied a proprietary CO2-SNG (synthetic natural gas) catalyst for the methanation unit of Audi’s new power-to-gas facility in Werlte, Germany. (Earlier post.)

        The “e-gas plant” was started up in June this year and is part of Audi’s sustainability initiative. The plant, which can convert six megawatts of input power, will utilize renewable electricity for electrolysis, producing oxygen and hydrogen, the latter which could one day power fuel-cell vehicles. Because there is not yet a widespread hydrogen infrastructure, however, the hydrogen is reacted with CO2 in a methanation unit to generate renewable synthetic methane, or Audi e-gas.

        The e-gas plant will produce an average of 1.4 million cubic meters of renewable synthetic methane per year, chemically binding some 2,800 metric tons of CO2 and equivalent to supply 1,500 new Audi A3 Sportback g-tron vehicles with an annual mileage of 15,000 CO2 neutral kilometers. (Earlier post.)

        The plant was developed, constructed and built by Stuttgart-based plant manufacturer ETOGAS GmbH (formerly SolarFuel). The technology can be also used to store surplus energy in the gas pipeline system and to balance energy supply against demand.

        Clariant is one of the leading global suppliers of catalysts used in synthesis gas processes. These processes include those for the production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. Additionally, the company develops and offers catalysts and adsorbents for CO2 conversion and SNG technologies.

        Earlier this year, Clariant announced that it has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Wison Engineering Ltd and a subsidiary of Foster Wheeler’s Global Engineering and Construction Group to equip coal-based methanation plants based on VESTA technology in China, the world’s largest SNG market, with catalysts of Clariant.

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