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  • dog4work dog4work Mar 3, 2014 1:47 AM Flag

    My vision is clear, America will be free of oil and converted to LH2 within 10 years from now. And PLUG power & BLDP is the industry leader


    The manufacture of Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) is become more common place. Landfills that once had dozens of flares are now producing cheap, clean LH2. Oil fields that have flares running, wasting all the energy while polluting the environment, will all be producing cheap clean LH2. Hydro2H2, Wind2H2, Solar2H2, Bio2H2, etc are growing at rates unheard of. The day is now upon us where cheap clean energy is available in the form of LH2.

    First we have all seen fork lifts and movers going in masses to LH2 power systems. Now back generators, cell phone towers, city, fire, police stations are all now in the process of converting to LH2 power systems. This has all happened in just the short time period of 18-24 months. So much growth, so fast, conversion of a whole energy system to another supply (LH2) with most people (99%) not even knowing it is happening around them.

    Now see the next chapter unfolding before our eyes. Major transportation, Delivery trucks and busses all in the process of conversion to LH2 power systems. The automobile industry sees the trend and even has several major trade shows dedicated solely to LH2 power systems. In the 2015, several automobile companies plan on releasing cars with LH2 (plug power range extenders) power systems. The forecast calls for over 100,000 LH2 cars in 2015 and growing to over 900,000 LH2 powered cares in 2019. To handle this increase demand states all around the nation have pledged billions of dollars for LH2 fuel stations, California alone has a yearly budget of over $200 million for LH2 fuel stations alone.

    We now see the next generation of LH2 systems being built. Cell phone batteries, submarines, airplanes, lawn tractors, push mowers, lawn tools, home hand tools that were once driven by old heavy batteries that failed when you needed them the most will be LH2 fuel systems with power.

    No, in 20 years from now children will only know one power source, LH2 power. And PLUG power is the industry leader.

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    • Yup doggie, I am just waiting with bated breath for the cell phone with the cryogenic tank adapter to hold the LH2. Same with my battery powered hand tools.



    • Transport fuel won't be liquified. Takes too much energy to liquify it..

    • Your vision is quite clouded. There are dozens of new deep sea drilling platforms going to be built in the next 5 years. Given that the oil companies that plan to lease these rigs will be delivering crude to the markets beginning 5-10 years down the road and that the fields will be pumped for 25 to 30 years makes your 'free of oil' statement a little questionable don't you think?
      And LH2? You lose about 40$ of the fuel energy just liquefying hydrogen. Transporting and storing LH2 in another huge energy consumer due to loss of hydrogen due to thermal vaporization issues.

      Your dream leaves much to be desired based on the realities of the world.

    • Liquid hydrogen?

      Even the folks trying to sell LNG for transportation are having troubles...see clne..

      If it's liquids you want for Ballard's products look to Methanol.

      Liquid hydrogen simply remains a bridge too far for any of Ballard's target markets.

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