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  • kknauber kknauber Jul 16, 2001 7:47 PM Flag

    Energy SAVINGS selling well

    hehe I actually implored my dad to invest in CSCO when I was in college in 1991 (unfortunately he didn't). And it wasn't just on a feeling.

    It is only one of 2 stocks that I've recommended to my dad. The other was RATL when it was at pre split $10 a share.

    I asked my network systems professor which company was the leader in internet router technology. He said that CSCO is the clear leader, with a few other competitors playing catch up. I knew the internet was going to explode in the next few years (though I didn't expect it to explode as fast as it did). I knew the hardware technology was there already. I knew the software technology was complex but definitely doable, and that only one company could really make the standard (similar to Microsoft). I also knew how addictive the internet was. I then told the class to invest all their money in CSCO :P.

    My point is, BLDP's technology is not anywhere near as mature as CSCO's in 1991. I also believe that BLDP's product is only slightly addictive, even to those who are environmentally conscious. CSCO was inventing a whole new market. The market for fuel cells is already saturated with very cheap ICE's. BLDP will license its technology and sell its products to giant corporations like GM, Ford et al., and thus make a small profit margin. CSCO sells its products direct to customers via a great sales force, and thus enjoys huge profit margins.

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