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  • rchites rchites Feb 26, 2014 10:30 AM Flag

    NBC special tonight

    Harry Smith (NBC news) is on tonight saying venture capital is licking their chops trying to get in!!!!!!!!!!!! This company will double..................... They don't have to raise money- the huge numbers come from sales!!!!!!!!!!!!! from CNBC now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • CNBC cutting edge reporting!!! welcome to Colorado---- POT RUSH ! New prospectors Harry Smith CNBC documentary MJ in America......... new frontier. Industry is exploding. 1/2 Colorado pot is bought by outsiders, non residents. Colorado green rush is real. Candy bars- 500lbs a month candy bars. Strawberries and Hash oil, Kitchen like you have never seen. Edibles are taking off..40% of pot sold goes into food. ... New age technology ,science and kick butt potency. Investors are taking notes and looking for an entry. Investor networks are starting... BY 2018 MJ industry will be 18 billion. 40% Americans have tried pot....POT is becoming a polite social trend. .. **the changing face of pot users-social, educated and every day perceptions are changing…going mainstream. The Denver Post has a MJ editor. Cooking with MJ is the new fad…crossing the threshold of accessibility…. Colorados new attitude or dangerous social experiment is making money….. Numbers are real and opening many eyes of eager investers throughing money at the sector. "Colorado Pot Rush" a balanced Harry Smith CNBC documentary was very interesting.

      The Denver Post gets it right with CNBC interviews……. The Post's marijuana editor Richardo BACO and Jake Browne, recently hired pot critic, who sees his work as being "on the right side of history." Alan Brochstein launched the 420 Investor service a few months ago, but he made quite a name for himself before then. NOW even Analyst and CRAMER from CNBC cries we need a INDEX to separate the real and unreal companies. Investors are going crazy and 10 bangers in two months!!Stocks up ten times the original investment !!! But O'Leary said with an interview with Becky Quick(CNBC) he remains tempted because the margins in this business are "phenomenal." Its still illegal with the FED….
      Legalized pot is expected to be a multibillion-dollar industry. Washington state—the other place where recreational marijuana sales have been legalized—plans to open its doors for business in June. Now NJ legalizes Medical use like 20 other states.

      Alan An investment industry veteran since 1986, Brochstein has hopped on the marijuana train and developed a large audience -- his 67,000 followers leads Seeking Alpha. Dr, Sanya Gupta this past August -- where the CNN expert said he had changed his mind and agreed there was a case for #$%$.

      Information is readaly available from HIGH TIMES magazine , Bengaza articles, HEMP activist and stock symbal, , and Brochstein who launched 420 Investor "with idea that all these people are interested in marijuana stocks, increasing coverage from Wall Street."
      CNN and CNBC have had many recent reports that have rocked opinions.

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