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  • stockpicker2 stockpicker2 Jun 19, 1998 2:23 PM Flag

    not a problem

    this co. has reserves of several million and
    couls get financing easily after all with a hugh DOE
    contract in the bag. Gee what a buying opportunity at
    10.25 today that won't last long and this stock will
    soar when the final numbers come out with in a couple
    of weeks go DTRK we will all be glad we own this
    stock soon.

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    • Stockpicker I appreciate your enthusiastic view
      of DRTK. As you well know I have been long on DRTK
      like you. But I think you misunderstand the financing
      issue. First of all, it is BNFL that must get the
      financing--DRTK is a contractor to BNFL on Hanford. Under DOE's
      privatizations concept, the contractor is supposed to finance
      everyting and would only get paid when they begin treating
      the waste at Hanford. The hang-up is that ramping up
      to begin treating the waste is very complex and
      expensive. Lenders apparently view Hanford as risky and are
      reluctant to lend money to BNFL without guarantees from the
      government that the contractors would be paid in the event
      the project doesn't get going. But as I have said, I
      am sure this will be overcome because not do do it
      now would invite anger from the people (voters) who
      live in that region--and I don't think the politicians
      want that sort of anger now--in an election year. For
      anyone else who is knowledgeable of this issue--am I
      wrong in my assessment? Respond please.