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  • streachedout streachedout Jul 31, 1998 10:13 AM Flag


    Hey boys, don't get your boots on the wrong feet.
    This stock is acting like a nag when you ride her
    through a draw. Shez a little slow heading down the first
    side but once she gets to tha bottom, you are in for
    one hell of a ride up tha other side. Hang on there
    pard. It could be about ta start.

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    • was moving up on friday toward end of day momentum should carry over to monday. Go drtk Ride this nag up

    • You can lick your wounds, cry in your beer,
      whatever you want. As for me, I am gonna feed this ole nag
      a little hay, and give her a rest. Then I'm a gonna
      put on my spurs sink em in her rib cage and wez a
      gonna take a ride to the top.

    • I am going to go lie down in the corner and lick
      my wounds. My stock is now going to just stay on the
      shelf and I will take another look at this in another 3
      months when the next earnings comes out. Selling is not
      my game but neither is accumulating at this point.
      We go through these highs and lows and worry too
      much about the short term. Lets look at it again much
      later. My guess is that the next quarterly report will
      be talking about some victory in a golf tournament.
      It has happened in this stock before. This will give
      you some idea how long I have been around.

    • Gotta hand it to you concerned. Your analytical
      skills are better than mine. In my own defense, I gotta
      say that the reasons why I invested in DRTK are still
      valid I think. You identify an idea that you hope will
      pay off. And I think Radwaste treatment is a growing
      field. Having been correct in your short term view of
      this stock, I must ask you have a long view
      of this sector in general and this stock in

    • Needless to day, this news is disheartening.
      Concerned2 I have to agree with you ( never thought I would
      admit that)... how is $.55 going to be possible?
      Apparently they can't control costs for any of the contracts
      they pursue.

    • I've been investing in special situations for a
      long time and this is the darndest thing I have ever
      seen. A rally off lows on good news and then a retest
      and setting of new lows? Sure does lead you to
      believe that the numbers do not tell the whole story, and
      maybe the real story isn't as good as the company says.
      In any case, I own a nice chunk of this stuff and am
      holding on, but something doesn't smell right when the
      stock didn't rally on anticipation and then falls to
      new lows after the news. That isn't the way they draw
      it up on the game board.