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  • Curtispvd992 Curtispvd992 Feb 11, 2001 2:04 PM Flag

    LTC vs OHI...

    Just looked at the convertible bond of LTC due in July of 2001. Investers Daily has a yield to maturity of would appear there is still tremendous risk in LTC and its ability to refinance.

    One major advantage that LTC has over OHI is that LTC will manage their distressed propery while OHI has to go to outside firms for this detail. ( the upper management of LTC was CEO at Beverly Enterprises at one time )

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    • is in much better shape at present and getting better quicker.
      The computer shows the "PEG" of LTC is better than 2x that of OHI "this year" at present prices (Thursday's computer data).
      I own both LTC and OHI as speculative investments but my ratio of LTC shares over OHI is also 2x shares owned.
      Time will tell. The computer hasn't let me down yet.
      Coffee and bet..........
      GOOD INVESTING...............

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      • I don't want to take your money so here is additional information that might make your day:
        *Look at the inside buying for the month of December [forget the rest]. There was 7 buys totaling 66k shares between the price of 3.19 to 3.81 (according to the computer). The chairman of the board would hardly want to throw his money away if he didn't see what my computer is seeing. He is not rearranging the chairs on the titanic. The market price falling back to 3.19 appears to be "history".
        *When you see the word "purchased" it means they put bought the stock with their "OWN" personal money. The word acquired is options or such that they get as executives of the company.
        *If you don't believe in the company coming back from extinction [flight of the pheonix], get out now for a better investment elsewhere (if you can find one). I believe it is turning around and the patient investors will reap the rewards in years to come.
        The above reflects my sole opinion..........
        GOOD INVESTING...........
        PS: I don't work for management, but wish I did to get in on those options they must be getting at the lower price.

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