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  • friedrich_telecom friedrich_telecom Jan 5, 2009 6:22 PM Flag

    Reverse Split??????

    Well my friend......the cited article in a cheesy webbased newszine is not quite the "news" I was hoping for and 200,000 downloads of a FREE reader is nice but is not creating a single dollar of revenue. But please keep trying....I want to believe!!

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    • "200,000 downloads of a FREE reader is nice but is not creating a single dollar of revenue."

      Wow!, thank god you don't own a business! That's a pretty short sighted view.

      What happens is you let a large number of people download your product, and they get in the habit of using it. They also get adicted to using it... like a drug.

      Once the drug becomes a habit, NEOM starts to include advertising within the application on future updates.

      That advertising spawns major revenue for NEOM.

      This is the same model that Yahoo uses on Messenger. It originated (and still is) a free application currently used by millions of users.. but the advertising within the app generates the actual revenue - not the application.

      Got it?

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      • Its a good thing you are not in business to. To make money off the free applications as is the case with Yahoo, Google and others you have to have real estate to place ads on.

        A similar situation occurred several years ago wiuth a little company called TFSM who owned all the patents for online advertising, yet owned no real estate. The share holders pumper group claimed they were going to make billions off internet advertising. They were the middle man just like neomedia hopes to be in the mobile bar code arena. In the end this company did nothing in revenue for years, and the Yahoos and Googles made billions because they had the real estate to place ads on and that brings in big time dollars for advertising space.

        Just like traditional advertising. Does the marketing company that builds a campaign make the millions paid for a 30 second commercial during the SUPERBOWL, or is it the network that gets the bulk of that fee? Its the network, because they have the real estate to put the commercial on so millions see it. Not the little ad company that developed that specific ad for the big company. They get the peanuts.

        Please show us Neomedias business model and what revenue is generated per user signed up. And please show us something indicating how many of those 200,000 downloads are still being used. Everything I have read suggests the application does not even work in many cases, like the latest review about the blackberry version thqt would not read a single bar code according to the professional that tried it and did their review of it.

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