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  • g_dargusch g_dargusch Mar 29, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

    20,389,000 AH's? time to go UPPP???(jmo)


    NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (NEOM) After Hours Trading

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    Mar. 29, 2012 Market Close: $ 0.0275

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    $ .0275
    unch (unch)

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    $ .0275

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    $ .0275

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    $ .0275


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    • and Scottrade also confirmed that it was a BUY

    • Definitely fishy. The only thing you know for sure is that it wasn't the everyday retail trader. I imagine that most retailers can't trade NEOM after hours; my broker doesn't allow it and I can't even buy NEOM during regular hours with TD.

      What is strange about it is that it was one block order. How did the buyer find a seller that was willing to part with those shares at the closing price? Strange...

      • 2 Replies to montecker
      • monty - and ALL -

        1) it was NOT a 1 block SELL by anyone selling to the BUYER who wanted 20 MIL shraes...if it did indeed go thru, it went thru in MULTIPLE SELLS from probably more than one seler - as partial orders - until ALL 20 MIL shares were bought...

        2) EVERYBODY CHILL!!! by tomorrow, at 8:45 - 10:00 am, we'll know more...nothing else left to do until then...

        3) i've heard from more than one poster that ameriTrade won't handle orders for this stock...probably also true for INTK - currently at about .05 - and a .PK sheet stock, as comared to NEOM, which is an OTCQB listing stock - and there IS a major difference...

        just go to YF key statistics page for a .PK stock (like INTK) vs a OTCQB stock (like NEOM)...most 'fields' on the .PK stock will be BLANK or NA (not available) - not so for most fields on the key statistics page for an OTCQB stock...

        DOW, NYSE, NDQ, S&P 500, Russell 2000 - are one class...OTCQB is a lower echelon, but still "accountable"...OTC is another step down - analygous to .PK - virtually NO DATA, and virtually NO ACCOUNTABILITY...

        i have personal experience with all - 1st, 2nd - and 3rd echelon stocks - and the "scars" to prove it! LOL!!


      • Transaction did not happen since a 20 million sell blocks would have dropped from .027 to low to mid teens and if a purchase would have close in mid to high .03.

    • IF that's correct, NEOM opens tomorrow am and by 9:40, is at .03 on a 20 MIL + volume - the "plus" meaning any other BUY orders - or SELL orders - that also go thru in the first 10 minutes...which probably means 22 - 25 MIL shares, based on the typical early am activity of the past 3-4 days...

      which is GRREAT!!

      i'm a strong believer in VOLATILITY - meaning a larger volume of shares traded per day as compared to fewer...



      if there is no share volume, then "dis-interest" is setting in, and THAT's very bad for NEOM...

      i see stocks trade 10,000 - 25,000 shares a day, i won't go near it, because it means nobody is interested in the stock, and if that's true, the pps can't really go up at all...



    • It did go through. Someone on IHUB contacted Fidelity and they confirmed it was a buy order.

    • 1) the 20 MIL (black bar) SELL order has not gone thru at all...yet...

      2) the only one who will know if / when it does is the SELLER - and the order could easily be retracted before opening bell tomorrow am...

      3) it's a SINGLE sell order - but it will be highly unlikely that it will be a single BUY order - too big a block of shares for most people, unless you're very wealthy or run a hedge fund...

      what puzzles me is why the SELL pps wasn't put in at .025 down to .02...apparently, the SELLER just wants to dump 20 MIL shares...

      almost HAS to be a hedge fund holding them...

      i exect that -

      1) either the order disapears by tomorrow am, or

      2) there's quite a bit of BUYING at the opening bell at .0275...

      IF it's a real order, i think it's a good thing...

      but wouldn't the seller have had to buy below that - somewhere between .0083 and .027, say, to skim profits on that many shares?...



    • ntb - but it would have been broken into several buys if it was more than one person...

      what's going on here. Did I fall down the rabbit hole again. It's as if no one can hear me. :P

    • I'd respond but the fact that you didn't get the gist of what 560,697.50 meant is a little telling. GL though.

    • Thats 20,389,000 multiplied by .0275 cents per share.

    • Buy Order!

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