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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Jun 9, 2014 11:05 AM Flag

    E-commerce and internet

    sectors in China
    Bloomberg article came out last night. Retail in china grew 12% while E-commerce 52%.
    I posted before from what I learned that China is transforming to a consumer economy from industrial.

    Internet is another sector to grow. As we can see the culture in china is different, people are not out there watching sports. Lack of ways to commute and pollution keep people indoor

    JD....will go higher
    VIPS..just pausing and will break to new high and higher
    JMEI...continue to go high..If JMEI can run than VIPS can run higher..
    BIDU ..Member of board is Greg P. son in-law of WMT founder..did not know this..great potential here and BIDU is expensing out side od china.

    YY..C&H break out..way undervalued..again, in the internet space .
    YY VIPS..way undervalued..

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    • For short term traders..look at the chart. at the beginning of March, RSI was like 85 and now only 67.7
      On weekly chart, look at the distance of the price from ma-40, not that far from it,
      So VIPS can go to $200 without a problem. % wise is not much. Look at JD JMEI. Fundamental deserves a much much higher price now.

      KWEB finally above ma=50, watch $35

    • Just look at DAND, just crossed ma-200 for the first time in days. Just a little above ma-40 weekly. Way way oversold here..

      By the way, YY has similar chart as IWM 3 days ago, watch $72.75 , above that then $82.5, longer therm above $72.75 or so then new all time high.

      ERX SOXL FAS continue to go to all time high.
      AAPL,,higher after split..I know many investors do want VIPS to split but it think more investors can invest and stocks will run faster like AAPL..See JD, it has a lower price so it runs very fast eventhought VIPS is cheaper than all in this sector like JMEI.

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