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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Jun 9, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    Cramer is smiling..

    Can you see that??
    AAPL continues to hit high. Nasdaq will breakout. Dropped death stocks begin to move. You know which are the good ones...

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    • Cramer is the biggest idiot around. I don't understand why you need to associate VIPS to Cramer.

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      • Because he recommended VIPS as the best chinese stock.?
        If you think he is an idiot why didn't CNBC asked you to host a show.

        Even if you think you are smarter than someone, feel blessed and leave people alone.
        NOONE wants to be not smart..The smart one is the one who is willing to learn doe not matter what.

        I don't think MarkZ Garry P. of Google or Elon Musk would call some one idiot, nor smart..

        I learned even from people who called others idiots...for being kind to others.
        I learned from Cramer all the time and he is not an idiot to me. Unless someone hurts me directly and being so mean to be..I rather stay away from them than dealing with them. Why wast my energy.

        If you listened to Cramer on VIPS that day, you are profitable today.

        Do not understand the joke?? because you may not know that he recommended VIPS.

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