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  • tommccauley31 tommccauley31 Mar 13, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Makes for a powder keg?

    I have been trying to add shares on dips.
    It occurs to me; after sitting on a open limit
    order that can't seem to fill.
    There are not many sellers of this thinly
    traded stock. With a low float equity under
    accumulation, you must pay the "ASK"?
    This company has ran away from buyers
    who waited too long for a dip. There just
    isn't enough volume on the sell side.

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    • Agreed. It seems to take transient bad news or a very broad general market decline to get your open limit orders filled in cases like this. With more actively traded equities at times like this the pps is too often manipulated down temporarily for the purpose of scaring certain holders out of their shares and allowing others to grab those shares. That is when you start to see the scary fairy tales showing up in Seeking Alpha, or some unknown party suddenly dumping a bunch of shares for an unknown reason. Having been in those environments and also in environments like this, I'll take this every time. My guess is you will still be able to pick up some more on some future dips, you just can't watch for that every day, and certainly not every hour. Doesn't stop me, though...

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