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  • wishiwasjimmybrown wishiwasjimmybrown Sep 1, 2010 11:06 AM Flag


    Need to do something big as this is getting boring. Investors like myself want more. They should look to be acquired. Now is the time.

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    • If management do nothing to make price up, it means they do not want to sell the company. They can buy share everyday, when the price was much lower... They look on the Wstl like private company. It doeas not metter how much iy cost!

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      • They haven't spoken about it in a while, but all of the converations about acquisition have centered around WSTL buying other companies. I'm guessing maintaining that ability to buy is their intention for the pile of cash (in addition to R&D). The Noran Tel purchase seems to have gone well considering the gross profit of OSP.

        Yes, it does look and act a lot like a private company. This is not unusual when a family has the majority of voting power. The majority of fiduciary duty is to that family. As minority owners, we have to decide if we like the family's approach to business. I haven't liked it much in the past but the presence of Robert Foskett offers hope. Check him out.


    • Yes I agree....As a shareholder I think it is time they shop the company around.

      Like I've said before I think they can do $40 million in revenue, make 4 cents a share and put away $3 million in cash every quarter...I get that.

      But there is a much bigger opportunity now going on in M & A....and it is not all about cloud computing...Some of it is that companies are just loaded with cash and by buying other companies they can increase sales and earnings growth.

      Westell is cheap right now with about $170 million in revenue, making money, no debt and $61 million in cash...Somebody could walk in and pay $6 to $7 bucks a share and not really overpay.

      Basically with some of the deals going down right now I think Gilbert is going to have to make a better case for staying independent...It really gets down to if a deal presents itself whether or not they can grow faster than somebody waving $5 bucks or more in investors faces...It is really that simple.

      On a side note I hope they are hitting the buyback hard.

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