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  • koberjm1122 koberjm1122 Sep 28, 2000 1:24 PM Flag

    The whole sector is up. Check you quote

    jumpin you are an idiot, waxboy is so right. Just
    do us all a favor and sell ALL your shares and get
    your dumb a$$ off the board you add nothing, your
    messages are pointless and stupid. If it were possible, I
    would love to get you, ou812 and and a few others in a
    room and detanate a large explosive devise. It would
    make the world a little better place. So, if you
    wouldn't mind get together with ou812 and let us on the
    board know when and where......

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    • What has any of your messages, and for
      matter 99% of the posters here, ever added?
      All you
      all have done is hyped and cheered on the stock as it
      dropped from 40 to 13. Only
      ou812 called it right!.
      Obviously Andrew is the
      only one here who can appreciate
      my perverse
      sense of hunmor. As for you Jim, I
      think you
      would have loved shoving people into

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