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  • lizard8847 lizard8847 Mar 18, 2010 8:06 AM Flag

    Hopefully 85% in broadband subscribers will help us

    I just read that in the Q4 report. Plus, 3.6 million new subscribers...hopefully it's a silver lining inside a dark cloud / quarter.

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    • Gee, only $283 million PROFIT? Compared to an $800 million LOSS same time last year? Guess we should sell! I've owned, sold and re-owned this stock ever since I moved to Russia. When it went down to 4, I wish I had the cash to buy 10,000 shares. When VIP had no debt, all their advisers told them to go out and buy something...and they did and the results are fabulous; but they added debt. Then they prudently stopped the dividend and paid down debt and quickly gave us back .32 share when things turned around. This is a savvy company doing all the right things. Any "loss" in the past was exchange-rates, not crappy management.
      All the big brokerage houses tout MTS, a top heavy clumsy badly managed monster that should have kicked VIP's backside years ago and failed.
      Who is expanding in S.E. Asia with millions of new subscribers? Not MTS. And who is merging with Kyvistar? Not MTS. Dont be short sighted and sell as soon as it goes back to 20. This stock has split and gone right back to what it was. There is no reason VIP wont earn $2.00 per share very soon and at even 15X earnings, that's 30 a share. Stay long, this is an investment, not a gamble

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