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  • pedro9xxx pedro9xxx Jan 19, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    Curse You Francesco Schettino

    You have not the brains of an abolone.

    Your credential were falsified.

    Your mother wears army boots.

    You have no respect for passengers.

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    • Seriously, being hired as a cruise ship captain pays $300,000 a year. It's a very competitive position. Who did Francesco sleep with to get this job?

    • And not only that, he's 52 years old and was tralloping around with some little, vine-climbing, Russian hose monster half his age (25)!

      Does his wife know?

      Also, I found this from an article about his little "saluting" procedure (which he was apparently very fond of doing):

      "The company has put the entire blame for the incident on the captain. At a press conference on Monday, Costa Cruises' chairman and chief executive, Pier Luigi Foschi, said Schettino had not sought permission to deviate from his route in order to skirt the shoreline of Giglio, reportedly as a tribute to a retired skipper living on the island."

      So, how's that for a laugh?
      He wants to "salute" some retired boat captain, but instead he ends up leaving the retired captain a "newly retired ship" right in the old captain's backyard!

      Nothing too funny about that, huh?

      Apparently captain Jeppeto did his "saluting" trick just one too many times. Here is proof from the same article:

      "Foschi said that the company, and the Italian authorities, had known of and agreed to an earlier nighttime "salute" of Giglio in August last year. He said the firm had reviewed in advance the captain's intended course and that the vessel passed "not closer than 500 metres from the island".

      But his assertion has been called into question by the London maritime daily Lloyds List, which published a map based on Lloyds List Intelligence tracking data. This indicated that the earlier course took the Costa Concordia within 230 metres of land, close to the point at which the ship hit the rocks last Friday."

    • "Your mother wears army boots"

      Lol! I haven't heard this one since I was in the second grade in 1981!

      Maybe she was Russian?

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