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  • bigbuilder13 bigbuilder13 Feb 12, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    Fair Compensation ???

    If you experienced what is now happening in the Gulf, would you be satisfied with a refund and a free new cruise? I would not undergo that torture for 10 free trips!!

    The tight fisted corporate mentality rules with these slick promoters. Its all about the bottom line and to hell with the customers. Just throw them a bone!!

    A fair deal would be a 400% refund AND 3 free cruises. This is an absolute minimum, but that would take a CEO who could step to the line and be a decent human rather that a typical rutheless, stock option oriented, bonus happy member of the 1%. NOT LIKELY FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.

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    • $10,000 in cash and worldwide pass for a year!

    • Well this is very similar to the Splendor that caused a lot of discomfort. So I am thinking compensation will be similar to whatever those passengers received.

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    • Remember, it's a ship,... not the Waldorf Astoria! Stuff happens when you're out to sea. You can't check out and go to another hotel. Dem's da pitfalls of cruising. Maybe the complainers should stick to Las Vegas.

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      • Of course you are correct in your observations about the uncertainty in life. I am NOT suggesting what the passengers should expect, but rather how they will likely respond and how others (especially possible future customers) might be influenced. Whether the people suck it up and become stoic about the experience and compensation will vary from person to person. That is NOT the issue. If I were sole owner of CCL, I would be very generous to each of them. NOT because of the law. NOT because they have a right to it. NOT solely due to future sales. But, primarily in order to salvage my own good name and sense of self worth. I would want to look at myself years later without regret and think that I did not miss a chance to be at least a bit noble.

        I have done this in my personal life, of course to a smaller extent since I have a micro market cap.
        It works.

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    • IF you are a shareholder, as I am, you would be VERY generous with my money.

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      • Fair treatment of people who got a raw deal is of better long term value to a share holder than being stingy and creating a perception among possible future customers that if they get screwed by bad luck that CCL will just let them leave with the scars.

        The attitude of let them eat cake has long term consequences that cost more than your penny pinching saves.

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    • Well that will never happen big-guy.
      Read the fine print of the cruise contract and Mickey doesn't owe you anything at all.

      True, though, he is rutheless, stock option oriented, bonus happy member of the 1%.

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      • If the only question is what the contract requires, then certainly you are correct. I merely observe that living to the letter of the law is NOT good business for the long run. Read the Merchant of Venice. It is a better lesson than all the MBA case studies. Managers today are nothing but spreadsheet heads. If you cannot count it today, it does not exist.

        This is not a case of some sort of fraudlent "slip and fall" sort of claim. This is massive, filthy, disgusting and dangerous treatment for days. I guess the pain will fade when they read and re-read the contract and hear from the company lawyers with their carefully worded letters. I am doubt that they will simply chant, "Oh gosh...we sure are lucky to have been on this ride!!"

        Just remember, it could have been you in the middle of that mess. What would you want form CCL?? I doubt their "offer" would strike you as fair. Think about it.

        I am reminded of the comment made by a character in Animal House... "Look at it this way, you screwed trusted us."

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