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  • zzzzqqqzz zzzzqqqzz Feb 15, 2013 11:11 PM Flag

    20/20 saids that the crew works 100 hours a week and paid only $40 U.S.

    They live below the warter line and in compartments the size of a walk-in closet - rooming 2 crew members. I checked online and there are dozen of blogs and crew logs. All the crew have to buy their uniforms. They need to buy 2 sets. They make 80-95% of the salary on tips.

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    • I remember hearing some people complain about the mandatory tips.
      It's unfortunate that the tips must be mandatory. The cruise line should give at least minimum wage.
      Then the tips would have more meaning. But I have never begrudged them the tip.

    • Yes, and the tips are mandatory. (I, also tip extra for good service.) Passengers are told this prior to ticket purchase. Most crew members are from asian countries and earn what to them, is a lot of money. They have a contract for so many months and then go home with their, what to them, is a large amount of money. The are not forced to work there. They work long hours but take programed breaks and are allowed time to go to shore at ports of interest. I am not affiliated with this company in any manner but feel obliged to offer my view.

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      • If you want superior service, try this trick: Take a $100 bill out of your pocket, and tear it neatly in half so that each half, by itself, is worthless. Give one of the halves to the waiter (or whatever), and put the other half back in your pocket. There's no need to say anything. The message is crystal clear. You'll get fabulous service, Guaranteed. (Just don't forget who you gave the other half of the bill to.)

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