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  • Pull_Collective Pull_Collective Jan 13, 1999 6:10 PM Flag

    Wave Season

    Well January of this year seems to be getting off
    to a slow start. Many questions about cruises over
    the New Years holiday but virtually nobody is signing

    Many of the inquirers are asking about the food (which
    is normal in this business), but oddly enough many
    are asking about the desserts on the menus. I have
    always said that the desserts are just great, but then I
    get followup inquiries about the specific items that
    are available. And after a few more go arounds about
    what exactly they are getting at, the topic of this
    damn Hershey Chocolate Syrup saga comes up. I don't
    know how to respond to such pettiness directly, nor
    knowledgeably. But I do know that it seems to be a show

    Surely, no cruise worth it's salt would us lower quality
    ingredients in any item presented on the menu.

    If I am
    wrong, then this is a tougher business than I

    Will keep you all posted.

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    • EOM

      • 2 Replies to cougar_1986
      • Revenue is generally recognized upon completion
        of a voyage - depending on its length. Longer
        voyages (over 10 days) that overlap the end of a
        reporting period are pro rated.

        All of Carnival's
        millennium cruises should be 1Q-2000.

      • >>Millenium Cruises - When Does the Revenue
        Get Booked?????<<

        cougar, any time that
        a co. receives a deposit or anyother pymt. in
        advance of the good or service being provided, the co.
        has to account for the funds as deposits received or
        unearned revenue, both of which are shown as liabilities
        on the balance sheet.

        Only upon delivery of
        the goods or services would the co. reclass the funds
        from the balance sheet to revenue on the income

        Hope that helps - K.

    • I should have realized that any attempt to
      stimulate intelligent discourse on this message board would
      be met with silly comments about Hershey's Syrup.
      Rather than address the obvious psychological problems
      and intellectual deficiencies of this sad character,
      I will offer a response to the following

      >>Surely, no cruise worth it's salt would us lower quality
      ingredients in any item presented on the menu.

      statement is akin to asking if Microsoft would deliver
      software with programming errors, or if Intel would ship a
      processor that can't divide properly. Would you then claim
      that these companies aren't worth their salt? You
      can't post an insane rant without several grammatical
      errors. Are you not worth your salt?

      I don't know
      (or care) if Carnival serves Hershey's Syrup. It's
      irrelevant. I don't know if you are mentally unstable or some
      moron who's short 100 shares, and I don't care. You are
      irrelevant. Your obnoxious comments have no impact on the
      share price, they only serve to annoy the people on
      this board. And if that is your goal, you're a bigger
      idiot than I imagined.

      • 1 Reply to quitter
      • Has anyone considered that?

        Could be a
        unique Dutch creation.

        It would be entirely
        fitting if it was made in part from seaweed. That would
        be very nautical.

        And if the people are
        fooled into thinking it is something made of chocolate
        or fudge, then let them stay fooled.

        grind that seaweed up real good and add a little food
        coloring and then present it like it was the best dam
        chocolate (or fudge) in the world, and those people at the
        tables would probably believe it.

        Yea -- that's a
        real money maker.....don't use either of the expensive
        stuff; just scoop some "raw material" outa a kelp bed
        when nobody is looking and make the stuff right there
        on board.

        Hope this clears up any possible
        confusion that may exist.

    • You know the funny thing is, you make it impossible for anyone to post a negative comment and have it taken seriously.

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