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  • jefhai jefhai Mar 27, 2000 9:37 AM Flag

    Alascan Cruise

    I posted this on RCL's board also. Any help would
    be appreciated.

    Would any of you mind
    answering the following please:
    1. Would you take the
    1-way trips or the round-trip to Vancouver? I hear
    there is a 3 1/2 hr. bus ride at the Anchorage end. The
    travel agaent said this is beautiful with nice buses and
    fabulous scenery. She made it a plus such as an extra
    tour. Sounds like a long trip.
    2. We're mainly going
    for our 21 year old daughter. We want top of the line
    so from reading your posts, I think the choice
    narrows to Holland America, Celebrity, or Princess with
    perhaps RCL as a runner-up. Any comments as to the best
    for her to have fun.
    3. Is it better to arrange
    your own flights, or to have them do it for you? I
    understand you are at their whim and may have to make 3-4
    stops. True?
    4. Some of you were kind of hard on a
    previous poster whose kids' cabin was moved without her
    knowing it. I happen to agree with her that any change
    such as that can ruin a vacation. The travel agent
    said she only heard of something like that happening
    when one of the cabins was for the disabled and was
    needed for a disabled person. Has this happened to any
    of you?
    5. Where would you get trip interruption

    Thanks in advance.

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    • The one-way trips are well worthwhile, but the
      bus ride between Anchorage and Seward is not a scenic
      highlight of the trip. It's a long, jarring ride, coming
      either at the end of a long plane ride or early in the
      morning after getting off the ship, depending on which
      way your ship is going. The scenery is OK -- hey, it
      is Alaska, after all -- but it's not a highlight of
      the trip.
      As for cruise line, I don't know.
      Princess is pretty boring. Holland America is classy but
      might also be boring and too old.
      That's all I have.
      This board really ought to focus on investors and not
      get too wrapped up in travel stuff. There are plenty
      of travel boards around where people ask travel

    • First of all it is an Alaskan cruise. Don't try
      to get information on the cheap. Go to any good
      travel agent and they will be able to answer all your

      This board is for Carnival Cruise information and is
      not a place to try and pick everyones brain about
      which cruise you should take. How rude of you!

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