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  • machtabow machtabow Dec 20, 2002 7:22 PM Flag

    xybr advise needed

    I've just opened my etrade account with 20,000 dollars. I've been thinking about dumping this into xybr on Monday. I've looked at the charts and see it's at a bottom and believe the rally will bring it to a higher high, possible over one dollar. I'm looking for some intelligent insight.

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    • And you will be greatly rewarded in due time (1-3 years) some will only be wondering why they didn't buy under $1. Take care.

    • I'm so confident in my post that I've encouraged my parents to match my $20,000 investment Monday. So for those whom want to sell at .50-.51 cents, I'm ready to buy them up!

    • Eddie, WOW what a great post! Long and lucid.
      Did your wife hide the booze and the car keys?
      HO HO HO
      I have enjoyed most of your posts !!
      Have a great night and Holidays,

    • it could happen

    • That is without a doubt one of the most thought out, insightful and inspirational pump jobs I've ever seen on this slapstick three ring circus pump and dump playground of a shitbucket message board.

      This board could have really used somebody like you back on March 19, 2001 or whenever it was you first hit the Yahoo boards. This POFS loser stock has been on the skids for a long, long time. Thank god you and your brand new 20,000 dollar Ameritrade account came along and stumbled onto this wretched little lump of shit loser stock! And it only took you a year and 3/4 to stumble onto this little near-bankrupt gem of a shit lump stock, too! The Newman family can really use the money these days if ya know what I mean, but of course somebody as slick as you has read all the 10-Q filings and knows that already.

      I'm just gonna call you Xyber-Santa from now on, okay? You're a life-saver. Christmas almost sucked.

      hee hee hee

      ho ho ho


    • I pulled the charts on this stock and read through the postings on this board. Someone was correct in their analysis that .50-.51 cents is the current support. I'm no expert on stocks, though I do believe all stocks are somewhat manipulated up or down based on what wall street desires. Wall street manipulates the news, and information the way they want to push the broader market up or down. Everyone expects the maraket to rally for Christmas the holidays which are traditionally supercharged. You know that the day before christmas and day after turn out great returns for investors. Also the last four days of each month and the first three are also very strong...These wall street people look into the future make there decisions on which way they expect the market to go and then manipulate the news and their assessments of the market in the direction they desire(longs vs. shorts). Looking back...after Thanksgiving they broght the market down...everything was bad and the news even when good was bad news...Why? Shorts...and now with shorts covering and great low prices, the market will be manipulate upward. Ok. Now the good news will see everything manipulated and twisted to bring the market up...You will see many upgrades...Companies will jump on the band wagon with their news releases...I expect the thought is save the news releases for when investors are looking to invest. At any rate the market did move down, and I believe will be brought back up over the next 2.5 weeks and then forward looking I believe you will see it weaken again at the end of January with the expectations of war with Iraq. XYBR should easily reach it's previous highs, and I expect it to surpass those highs in the next few weeks. Quite possibly companies like XYBR may be saving the big news for the days to come. When investors expect a jump in the market and when Wall Street knows they need to pump up the stocks. Institutional investors are coming back into other tech stocks as they hit there lows once again. This you can find at Thomoson Financial each day. Monday will be the last down day for a while. I expect it to be down as it usually is after a witching Friday, and that is when I make my big I believe Tuesday it will soar! Thanks.

    • You should be a salesperson for xybr! I'd hire you.

    • the technical library for an Army tank company alone takes a truck to transport. with XYBR you can do away with the truck (30K-50K)

    • Sounds like a good long term investment! My money is there. I'll buy as many .51 cents lots as I can...though it may not get there again!

    • there could be, but to my understanding, XYBR patents/partnerships/agreements pretty much have the area wrapped up

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