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  • bg_rox2001 bg_rox2001 Apr 10, 2004 7:56 PM Flag

    This stock is dead

    and has been for years...
    I owned this POS 2 years ago...bought at 10 and sold on the pop to 21 in days. All based on hype and still is. This is the quarter for the past 16 quarters has not panned out. Why? Handhelds are more powerful and cheaper than the peice of shit product this company has. As computing power gets smaller and cheaper these guys have less and less of a product.
    FACE IT...this company is for ahit. Sell your shares. I dont own a position so I could care less what you do but I have been following this comany for over 2 years now and it always promises and never delivers. Its dead an will either be gobbled up by someone or finally turn over and die. The risk to reward ratio here is HUGE.
    Trust me, better places to put your $green

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    • Very well said, and right on the money, bg_rox2001.

      This is a smoke-and-mirrors company, with little to offer investors and customers.

      Get out while you can, is all I can tell you, and at $1.30 it's a steal!

      Regarding the time-table for the Company going under a dollar and having REAL problems sustaining stock value, it's very likely, maybe inevitable, that this will occur in late June, when they announce another Private Placement issue because their Cash will be around a million.

      They may find a PP buyer, although that's doubtful now that DOD is finished with them, but the stock will drop heavily when the PP is announced.

      Worse yet, if they can't find a PP buyer, their operations will end in July, due to insufficient Cash.

      Either way, investors are screwed......but only if they own.

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      • Hi, this stock may be dead but next week the security craze will pump this stock up big time. So invest in this stock for a quicky and than take the profit. that is what I have been doing with all the security stocks. Except TBUS and IPIX been holding them for awhile now and will take a dump on monday with both stocks.
        Man do I ever love daytrading, long term is such bullshit.