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  • SophistCamel SophistCamel Nov 20, 2005 4:07 PM Flag

    I'm called, among other things, a Lib

    But here are some things I believe in;

    Closed borders and the deportation of illegal aliens.

    The right to bare arms.

    Fiscal responsibility and the elimination of the lobbyist cult.

    The seperation of church and state, not God and state.

    One person, one vote democracy.

    Quality education for everyone willing to do the work.

    A job for everyone willing to work. An honest days pay for an honest days work. For the able-bodied unwilling to work, humanley operated institutional work camps.

    English only schools and institutions.

    Quality healthcare for all, regardless of class.

    A strong and well funded, all volunteer military who are well taken care of for life.

    Call me a Liberal is you wish, but I'm also for;

    Freedom of the press.

    A womans right to choose.

    The United States Constitution.

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    • That's tellin-em.


      Well, really, the guy is just the moron of morons.

      Precisely because U.S. schools tend to be worthless in teaching language, I took my kid to Mexico and enrolled her in a private Mexican school for several months when she was eight years old. That was a very good jump start. She's now very comfortable in Spanish, and -- maybe even more important in some ways -- she has no prejudice or fear whatsoever of beautiful brown skin.

    • That's tellin-em.

    • Your response? Insults!
      Insults??? Well, you tel me, then. What do you have againist compulsory schooling. SIEG HEIL sorta thing, is it?
      Yeah, I don't support my children being forced to learn Spanish, then forced to learn a 3rd language of thier choice. I don't support it.
      If they want to fine.


      In principle, there's no difference between "forcing" them to learn Spanish and "forcing" them to learn to add and subtract, read, etc.

      (And like it or not, Mr. Tonguetied, this is a bilingual country. Spanish was spoken on U.S. soil long before English was, and will continue to be, increasingly so. You want your kids to be ignorant? I'm not the least bit surprised. Ch�ngate y chinga la puta que te pari�. Pero no es necesario - en realidad te autochingas por tu profunda ignorancia.)

    • undecided camel?
      the desert is all around you in 4 directions.

    • Hmm, those are similar what I believe and champion. I thought it was called Americanism? Some think it is something else. Left to them and their flaccid thinking, I fear I would have to give up apple pie.

      The use of the �Lib� label is all they have left. They seem to still get a kick out of the labeling process. Really they ought to visit a high production label line. It is clear that Americans are not all the same. And just because we only have two basic parties, when it comes to issues,any attempt to slot Americans into one of two, is much more than ridiculous, it is absurd. Watching republicans abandon principles to woo the left most be discouraging for the party. On the other hand it is good they recognized that their principles were not being adhered to by their extreme hard right leaders. I suspect as more of the smoke whiffs away and the mirrors continue to crack all the tom foolery of this administration will be recognized by even more. Little chance of improving his numbers as he and his team continue to ignore the very people they were elected to represent.

    • The right to bare arms.


      Signs of too much time on the xybr board? ;-) (I like bare arms in attractive women, though.)

      BTW, I think I only have one disagreement with your list. Monolingualism seems to me to be a curse, shackles of the mind, etc. (and bad for national defense, too). In this country I'd vote for English and Spanish required for everyone, and a third language of one's choice.

      100% agreement on the Constitution. And in general it's beginning to smell as though strong support for the principles and spirit of the U.S. Constitution is "liberal". Strange.

      • 2 Replies to boomer_here
      • Ah a sticky one, �Monolingualism�. There is little question it hurts us. My problem is that the government make it a requirement. The emphasis should be on teaching the value and making it attractive for people to learn multiple languages.

        In my neighborhood we have about 14% Hispanic. Most of them are dual language equipped. Who is at a disadvantaged. Those who can only speak English? I would not like to see America become a Quebec. Smart people will learn the power of communication and the weakness of pride.

        If I had school aged children I would be suggesting Spanish, and a popular Chinese dialect.

        Too many Americans lack knowledge of other cultures and the pigheadedness, hubris thinking that 'THEY' need to learn our language, not we theirs, is not a good thing. But I think having our government mandate it is also not a good thing. In the future speaking a second or third language will be even more important than it is now. Well unless you are hunkered down in South Central Ohio.