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  • boomer_here boomer_here Nov 27, 2005 2:28 PM Flag

    The peasants are revolting

    Mr. Panici voted for President Bush in 2004, calling it "a vote for security." "Now that a year has passed, I haven't seen any improvement in Iraq," he said. "I don't feel that the world is a safer place."

    he hasn't "seen"...he doesn't "feel"...just one more opinion no less, no more important than mine-----"I haven't *seen* any terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in three years...I *feel* although progress in Iraq has been slow ,it's been steady", go quote me somewhere...


    Have you been drinking the same miss-the-point kool-aid as cinci?

    The point, hairball, is that is a simple guy who thought a vote for W was a vote for "Security". He's slowly coming to his senses and wondering "Huh?"

    It's the silent majority that Spiro used to waffle on about. That below-average average guy, the big bulge in the bell curve, the ones whose opinions count in the aggregate.

    Those at the smarter end of that sprectrum are fed up. And the others, like Mr. Pacinci, are catching on, slowly but surely.

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    • He's slowly coming to his senses and wondering "Huh?"
      well unfortunately his "senses" are woefully lacking in whichever criteria you wish to use by which some clown in Columbus can make an intelligent, informed, assessment of our mission in Iraq ,or it's progress, Im' not surprised ,that just as Bin Laden expects, a significant portion of the American public is "soft" and don't have either the stomach, nor the will to fight, and victory will be theirs, and clowns like My Panini only serve to re-enforce Bins prediction...