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  • avatar616 avatar616 Dec 7, 2005 9:25 PM Flag

    I don't even have to look...

    what's your point?please explain.or be more accurate.:))

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    • what's your point?please explain.or be more accurate.


      I don't know how to make it any clearer. Was I wrong?

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      • Haven't read this crap all day, but given the subject line, I can just see it: cinci and other Stalin-wannabes are screaming "Shoot to kill!", while cooler heads are regretting this tragic, unnecessary death.
        last statement;i can't follow,sorry.
        you seem aggravated;about this last incident,i am too.but it doesn't mean the whole world is bad.!
        of course there are better ways;but to communicate it to through people is what is's notonly political;it's basic common sense people don't realize they have or not to communicate;and to make a better choice.
        i always believed;that people even non-intelect have great ideas;but guided the wrong ways even the educatedones could get lost in it.
        for example:try the medical system;avoiding the politics;which is partially involved-non involved.:))
        un jour dans la main;dix jours dans le cul;mon proverb a moi.:))c'est la vie!:))