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  • avatar616 avatar616 Apr 28, 2006 9:51 PM Flag


    national anthem?
    i'd like to hear from the dems.what did they think of the prez's speach about that?
    soon we have to say it,with no freedom chanting inarabic lyrics;)

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    • Ha! Damn those boys actually caught one. I was thinking of the Pledge of Allegiance! What a boneheaded post of mine THAT was !.


      Surely this can't be the first one you've noticed.

    • Nah, not everything. BUT, the post to which I have been referring IS fascinating. Absolutely, incredibly fascinating. How could *anyone* be so freaking ignorant?? Seriously. Does it not amaze even you?
      not in the least, we could all spend more than one lifetime disecting the thought processes of many, many more extreme cases than Cinci, but you guys give him the attention that he seeks, in spades, and therefore he get even more *amazing*
      Well, Catman. I don't seek the attention. I merely do a fresco of my version of reality for the crowd.

    • Ha! Damn those boys actually caught one. I was thinking of the Pledge of Allegiance! What a boneheaded post of mine THAT was !.

    • That has to rank up there as one of the five dumbest things ever posted by cinci.

      And that is saying something!

      (Maybe his buddy bdashell can step in for him here, and try to argue that cinci MEANT to get that wrong, and was merely �chumming the waters�. LOL!)

    • Jimi didn't play the National Anthem. He played Star Spangled Banner. At Woodstock.

      "Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light...."

      If I'm not mistaken, the National Anthem doesn't even have a melody.


      Star-spangled Banner, The

      U.S. National Anthem Since 1916

      Star-spangled Banner, The, American national anthem, beginning, �O say can you see by the dawn's early light.� The words were written by Francis Scott Key, a young Washington attorney who, during the War of 1812, sailed to the British fleet to obtain the release of a captured American. Key was detained by the British and witnessed from ship the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the night of Sept. 13�14, 1814. Defended under the command of Major George Armistead, the fort withstood the attack, and the sight of the American flag flying at dawn inspired Key's verses, which were written on the way ashore in the morning. After circulating as a handbill, the lyrics were published in a Baltimore newspaper on Sept. 20, 1814. The tune was taken from the English popular song �To Anacreon in Heaven.�

      Although the army and the navy had for some years regarded �The Star-spangled Banner� as the national anthem, its designation as such first became official by executive order of President Wilson in 1916. This order was confirmed by act of Congress in 1931. The large flag that inspired the anthem, with 15 stars and stripes and originally 30-by-42-ft (9.1-by-12.8-m), has been in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution since 1912.

    • I used to be, but not any more, amazed by the Dolt�s messages. They are consistently inappropriate and wrong! It appears that the Bush Kool-aid and money gods have obscured his ability to think, let alone care about others.

      Unlike avatar, whose post for the most part are indecipherable, Professor CincyDolt, self-proclaimed genius, are shallow and just plain wrong. A fine example of home schooling!

      After his rather lengthily record of inaccurate post, other than the other ignorant dolts, who would pay attention to anything he has to say?

      And of course, if there is any response from the dolt, it will be "Just Kidding"! I knew they were the same all along. All the simpleton dolts are just kidding. Kidding themselves, that is why they are fools.

      Wasn't he talking about being a professor of music appreciation ... LOL

    • "Uh huh...I like them fried taters. Uh huh..."

    • Jesus Christ, cinci.

      I see that in between calling OTHER people "lobotomized morons", this past weekend's "cincism" consisted of you not knowing that the Star Spangled Banner is, in fact, the national anthem of the United States.

      Kind of reminds me of the time when you were a few centuries off in figuring out when the Bill of Rights was written.

      But I know...you didn't actually mean this, right? You were just "chumming the waters", or something like that. LOL!

      Dude, I'm not sure if I've ever encountered someone who was SO completely oblivious to his own stupidity and ignorance. For Christ sake...you don't even know this country's national anthem!

      Damn. Just when I think you can't POSSIBLY say anything more stupid than the last thing you said...

    • LOL...try to keep up, we're talking Mexicans, not Indians, though I am quite aware of Indians being here North of the current border before Mexicans, but it was (as usual) the United States that invaded Mexico in 1848 to aquire the 1900 mile border that is now in place. But, than again, who were here on this land before the U.S. decided to kill as many as they could to steal the current U.S. We could go on and on, but klansmen like you hate to admit this was not your land until you murdered and stole it.

      Fools like you should recognize the U.S. is on course to start a nuclear world war, one that will destroy a very large portion of earth, and I doubt your "bunker" is deep enough to save you, after all, you're just a bush follower, he does not have room for your kind in his bunker.

    • <<Maybe it's all an act, though>>

      If it is, it is Oscar-caliber.

      Slingblade comes to mind . . . . . .


      LOL!! True!!!

      As a matter of fact, there's more than one here who is either operating at the Carl level (without his good qualities) or playing the role of foul dolt with great success.

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