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  • avatar616 avatar616 Apr 30, 2006 7:21 PM Flag


    Quite frankly, anyone who can sing our national anthem, in any language, ought to be applauded. It is a crap anthem, difficult to sing, and says nothing about this countries values or worth. In fact it does not even mention America or the United States!
    i disagree.
    Everything was fine until the leadership of this country began pumping, not money or resources to our boarders and to our emigration policies, but towards fear. It seems fear sells well.
    you might not be fluent senor,but it's in your blood,si?and yes sex sells,but not as as fear.with fear you get uptight,different as for sex,got it.
    and fear is not a delema yet,it's just taking precautions,i fear,right!
    Although I studied the language, quite a few years ago, I am not fluent in Spanish,meaning you were born here,mixed marriage,or so?
    no matter ji,you might think it's right for your half side to come and work,that you're defending,but always abide by the laws,i'm new here too,and did respect every little bit of the requirements of this country.
    if i thaught the EU would be a better place to live,i could have stayed it?
    they have bigger problems,than us in the US,as far as frontiers(minimal) wise as we speak.
    if you are an american,i wouldn't touch sensible spots as the EU,I KNOW;)