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  • nukepowernow nukepowernow Sep 12, 2001 3:26 PM Flag

    Pearl Harbor Stats.

    For perspective;
    2280 Military Casualties
    1109 Wounded
    68 Civilian Dead

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    • I too am an Alaskan...Anchorage High School, Class of "54...and I share your rage. I have kids...if I were talking to my son right now, I would say: "don't make the same mistake I made in '91...finish what you start." I don't think you'll be disappointed with the end result. If this all comes to war, their isn't any oil in the middle east we can't take. Be your gummint to do it right this time. This is the second time we have been hit on our own turf, you saw the results of the first time in 1945. Dubya's team is top drawer, he'll take care of business.


    • What the hell does republic/democracy have to do with my point? Did I say anything that had to do with the subject? 12 years of bombing is 12 years of half measures. We spent 12 years picking on the little people while the big shots slept well. We should have either left Iraq alone of finished it while we were there. We didn't. That's what I mean by half measures.

      But what we should have done is academic at this point.

    • Actually, the machinery for a republic is still in place in the U.S. But, spineless Congress continues to avoid deliberation. Term limits would help that situation.

    • I beleive N-pwr is correct. Had we taken Iraq down, and allowed a democratic govt to be formed, why would we be bombing them?

      What do the Iranian, Iraqi or other ME people get from oil.? virutally nothing!
      They have no vested interest in helping us, while their thug govts siphon off the wealth.
      Used to be they were puppet govts of the West.
      Now they are simply common criminals in power, stealing everything not welded down........


      if you want peace, work for justice....

    • The US was a Republic.........
      We as a people were not vigilant..........
      We lost that status a long time ago.


    • You say, "Half measures are what got us here."
      The U.S. has bombed Iraq nearly every day for 12 years. So, what you're saying is we should have bombed them twice a day, then they wouldn't get mad and strike back?
      Question: Do you know the difference between a republic and a democracy? Do you know that the U.S. is a republic?

    • Yes, thanks. I should note that my handle does not refer to my recomended response. It is my response from back durring the California power shortage. I'm sick of paying more and more for less and less power and more and more air polution.

    • To a point, I guess we agree. Nukepowernow, a strong response is a measured response, appropriate for the battle waged.

    • A strong response is not a testosterone response. You will Never be safe in your own country until these people who insist on declaring 'holy war' on us are removed. I agree that we must let reason and not anger decide our actions. But there is a time when reason guides you to take decisive action. Half measures are what got us here.

      "The ultimate test of a mans conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard."
      -Gaylord Nelson

    • Then our military response should be at an equal multiple!!!!!!!!!!!

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