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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 20, 2008 6:23 PM Flag

    Buy Physical Gold the safest

    Nothing safer?

    You sure?

    The price of gold fluctuates by 75% rather easily. And since the money is no longer gold-backed, the fluctuation in gold doesn't equate to inflation or deflation overall.

    Cash is safer than gold.

    Not more profitable when gold is rising, surely, but also not nearly so costly when gold is falling.

    Less volatile. More stable. Safer.

    Find a nice money market that pays 3-4% and you'll avoid most inflation as well. Even safer.

    Really, gold isn't safe at all.

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    • You will lose your buying power holding cash. When the dollar loses 10-20% vs most currencies, and we've got real inflation of (conservatively speaking)10-20%, and ole Bernanke cranking out more and more dollars for liquidity and bailouts, your 3-4% "return" will make you feel safe, but you'll have lost buying power. Physical gold is the place to be. At the very least, if you have to hold cash, diversify out of the dollar!

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      • Oh, come on guys. This whole discussion is silly. Gold was a good counter-inflation hedge from about 2003 to today, but it was a monumentally lousy hedge from about 1980 to about 2000.

        There are no absolute rules. Gold isn't "this" and it isn't "that". It's simply a commodity that performs well sometimes and badly at other times.

        Stop indulging in magical thinking. Life is more complicated than that.

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