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  • grednam2000 grednam2000 Aug 13, 2011 12:33 AM Flag

    going to single digits folks

    Your handle tells all. I'll just cut and paste from two of my previous posts and ad a comment to wrap it up:

    "Have all of you KGC bashers and shorts that post here given a thought to your moral position? We are in a currency crises and gold is honest money. We need KGC to be successful. IMO, your a disgusting crowd for betting against them. I suppose right is might and there will be justice in the end, but in the meantime let's shed a little light on the sort you really are, OK?"

    "Some people are looking for this thing to be a roaring success rather than knocking it down. You really ought to find something you can root for, rather than trying to profit from, and taking an active part in, destruction. If this were athletics, you'd be penalized for unsportsmen-like conduct. In Europe that penalty was just put in place, and it's helping."

    I suppose if KGC were to experience some sort of mine disaster that included loss of property and life you'd go out and celebrate. Try taking a look in the mirror pal.

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