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  • waynecdn waynecdn Nov 3, 2011 1:19 PM Flag

    The poor brother of the gold mines

    With all the investment houses and gold prices up today, KGC is still going nowhere. It's time for the CEO and all their managers to quit so that the company will have the trusts from the street again.

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    • No,just poor management.Have you looked at a chart the last 5 years,looks like ski slope down.with gold going from 800 to 1800.See the big picture?

    • <"I dont have to argue the point,the share price explains it all.End of story.">

      So now you have managed to confuse me as to what you believe...

      Are the KGC share prices down as a result of manipulation, mismanagement of Kinross, or both.

      The share price doesn't clarify that for me. It only suggests that something is responsible.

      I would much more readily suspect share price manipulation, but that (essentially) lets Kinross management off the hook as the culprits.
      (Unless you believe that Kinross management are those responsible for manipulating the price - which would be a little hard to swallow)

      Or are you just indiscriminately "firing at" everything that is a potential suspect in the lower share price?

    • I dont have to argue the point,the share price explains it all.End of story.

    • By the way...

      I notice that you post on the SSRI, SLW, GC, and many other PM miner boards, and are bad-mouthing all of them also.
      So I guess Kinross is not so especially bad after all.
      You are also calling the gold and silver markets manipulated (which I am in no position to argue against as I suspect that is true).

    • <"Do you work for the company??It sure sounds like it.">

      No, they work for me. I hold shares.
      (Isn't it nice for the employer to be a little understanding and patient for a change?)

      And, even if it were so, so what?
      That doesn't validate nor invalidate any arguments.
      (In other words, you are changing the subject by attempting to make an ad hominem attack on the poster, rather than sticking to the subject matter being discussed.
      It is often a sign that one feels one is "losing the argument" and therefore resorting to more desperate tactics by calling the other person's motives into question rather than addressing the issues directly)

      To a perceptive observer, that kind of response is often a tacit admission of "defeat in the debate".
      (Just pointing this out so that less perceptive readers, possibly even yourself, can be aware of what is going on.)

    • Do you work for the company??It sure sounds like it.

    • I agree,vote then all out.They have done nothing for us in the last 10 years.Time for change.

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      • agreed that the management should be fired. But for different reasons. It's good that they have expanded production plans. They need to be fired for the stock tracking inversely to a historic gold rally, and because their development plans take too long. This is under their control and it's not good enough to get one out of three things right and just keep plodding along.

        34 cents from a 52 week low, and the sector is in a 7 week up-trend and ready to break out. make that 31 cents away.

    • <"It's time for the CEO and all their managers to quit so that the company will have the trusts from the street again. ">

      Nah! It is time for investors to wait it out. The latest quarter's results were SOLID, and we should expect the same in following quarters.

      If the results continue to be this solid, and the expansion projects continue as they are (on time, and on budget), someday the "instant gratification" crowd of investors (which, unfortunately, seems to be around 90% or more of them these days) will wake up and notice how much of a value this company has become.
      Then, a few of them - the first, the nimble, the quick - will make a fortune, and they will all "sign on".
      Then the patient investors will be amply rewarded.

      Until then, this incessant calling for the "heads" of management is just plain annoying.
      They are NOT responsible - directly - for the share price.
      They ARE responsible for running the company in a profitable and professional way.
      They appear to have done a pretty reasonable job at that.
      The latest quarter end results are their scorecard, and they rate at least a B+. (IMHO)
      The share price is the aggregate results of all the investors' (long and short) activity.
      Why don't we fire a few of the more annoying ones??

      Have you bought any Kinross shares lately, or are you waiting for the "quick upswing" so you can unload and move on to the next "get rich quick" investment idea?
      (Just asking, you may be a more patient type who just felt the need to vent this once - but does not understand what the management can and cannot control)

      Management should be looking out for the long term health of the company, many investors only care about the share price movement over the next 6 months.
      Those objectives can be somewhat contradictory.

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