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  • LUNAR_LARRY LUNAR_LARRY Jun 10, 2001 12:45 PM Flag


    Things are going to unravel in ways no one thought possible. The fake move by the Naz in the last few days will come apart and you will see 1600 retested in July. Of course you should be in gold shares because the place to be for the last few months (energy) is done with for now. Supply and demand balances in energy will bring supplies in line soon but don't expect consumer bills to fall much, the sustained higher price caused the supply to rise and the EPA's stance on clean burning fuels will keep retail gas high forever . We will see low prices again around 2005 as the world moves to new energy sources and hybrid vehicles. For now, watch what happens as the higher cost of energy moves through the economy. Greenspan will cut twice more, each a quarter percent cut and then he won't be able to do anything. He won't be able to cut interest rates due to inflation and he can't raise them because it might blow up his "soft landing". His hands will be tied and the economy will start chewing through the energy adjustments and everyone will start raising prices on everything because everybody else is "adjusting for energy costs too" The local movie theaters just added a 25 cent energy "adjustment" to the cost of their tickets.
    My proof: look at treasury I bonds that are indexed to inflation.

    Again I state a simply theorem
    When gas goes up SO DOES GOLD


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